Even your layers, have layers…

Boho Mod Layers : ModCloth
So I was thrilled when ModCloth asked me to put together a layered look using their super cute clothes! I'd been on their site before, but it had been a hot minute. I WANT ERRYTHING. So much fabulousness and great prices too. I'm sold. Anywhozzle. I am, of course, drawn to anything that The Olsen's would wear aka Hobo Chic, so this Bona Fide Boho Cardigan was where it all started. Obsessed. I like the idea of wearing a chic, modern blouse underneath a graphic tee and shut your face, weekends ARE for waffles. I think this is hip and playful, it would pair so well with some leathery leggings… I mean, you could do skinny jeans, but come on, stretchy pants for the win. I like the juxtaposition of this relaxed look with a super structured bag in a rad color. Throw on some booties and a few hip rings and you are officially too cool for school… are people still saying that!? Meh. If you really wanna bring the hobo chic on strong add a super fun beanie or a rad scarf in a bold color. I'm in love, I'm also wishing I didn't live in Southern California. Please ignore my crazy talk. Definitely stop by the site, I'm also digging this sweater and this sweater and thissss sweater. You get it. You can check out their entire selection of fab cardigans here!!! You know you want to!!

Happy Monday Folks!!