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 It’s been nearly a decade since I graduated from college. I’m getting old. I worked throughout my college experience and sometimes I’m literally shocked and appalled that I had almost ZERO money saved. None. I spent a lot of money traveling and on rent, but literally wasted gobs of money on disposable clothes, disposable housewares, and things I simply didn’t need. Don't be like me. Travel, spend the money you need to live, and save some dough because after college there are some big kid purchases that will not only be useful at the time, but will be awesome years and years to come. So get prepared, I'm getting ready to drop my old lady wisdom on you.

Quality Mattress. So I bought a mattress right after high school from the brother of a coworker who “sold mattresses.” They were from Jersey, I’m not saying it was stolen, but I’m not not saying it was stolen. Regardless, it was a strange interaction and it was a terrible mattress which I continued to use for nearly a decade. We spend an unbelievable amount of time in our beds... Don’t buy a mattress that “fell off of a truck.” Buy something that’s going to give you quality sleep. And just wait until you’re pregnant one day in the not so near future, your back is going to be begging for a nice mattress. I wish that instead of cheap clothes and a cheap mattress I would’ve saved and purchased a Casper mattress, such a cool company and their mattresses receive bomb.com reviews. Lusting.

Mac Desktop. I had a super basic desktop that crashed 4 years after buying it. I lost years of pictures. I had never heard of an external hard drive at that point. #fail I wish so so so hard that I had purchased a Mac, I guarantee you I wouldn’t have had that problem. I’m obsessed with ours now, but still get sad when I think about all the photos and memories that were lost.

Nice Dishes. Now this might sound silly, but mind you I worked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond aka TripleB throughout my college career and one thing I did purchase that has literally stayed with me for years is quality white dishes. I don’t have a single piece of clothing I owned in college, but I still have these puppies 13 years later. Like, we still eat my dinner off of these plates and bowls. They’ve been through 9 moves and 5 states and are still going strong. Money well spent.

A Good Knife. Life is too short to cook with crap knives. A good knife can last you for decades! It encourages you to cook and eat-in, instead of wasting money on eating every dinner out! I love Global Knives, my Hollow Ground Santuko is simply amazing. Take a 20% off coupon to TripleB and get ya a damn good knife, or just go on Amazon. I heart Amazon.

Good Luggage. I got a piece of quality luggage from my parents and it has been amazing. 10 years and going strong. I suggest getting a good carry-on sized roller. I am OBSESSED with the products from new company Away. Their suitcases are beautiful [the white is amaze-balls], lightweight, and TSA approved. Oh and did I mention the built-in battery to charge any USB device!?!? This thing is amazing. Definitely not a purchase you would regret, unlike all of those trendy clothes from Forever21.

So, do we see a theme!?! Stop buying cheap clothes and save for cool grown up things that will last you for years to come!!

Sale! Sale! Sale!!!

madewellSo my favorite chain retail shop is having a pretty rad sale and I suggest you head over to Madewell and check it out! I'm stocking up on post baby goods!!! Here's what I purchased and what I'm lusting after... tankI am a sucker for loose tanks. They are perfect for nursing and reviews state this tank is super soft, so when you really just want to be naked, a loose soft tank you can easily pop a boob out of is #WINNING. shirtAnother love of mine. Large, baggy button ups!!! I am a huge fan of Madewell's button up shirts. This one is thin and soft via reviews, so I'm sold!!! I can wear a Felicity Slimming Nursing tank under this and boom. Breastfeeding adorableness. skirtThis skirt is my wild card purchase. I ordered up to a medium because reviewers claimed it to be a little suction-y, but I was a big fan of anything that sucked in my belly after having Rocco, so for a morning at the market with my new tank I think this is so super cute. I'll keep you posted on how it fits in 3ish months. pantsI didn't purchase these joggers, but I am tempted to make a trip back to the site... Soft, comfy, and chambray. The reviews are glowing and they also come in an Olive green. My kryptonite. F1631_DM1352Okay, these are NOT on sale, but OMG I am lusting after these overalls like WHOA!!!! Definitely never thought I be saying that, these would be a breeze to nurse in paired with a baggy tank or a nursing tank and they are so stinking cute... I believe these will be a post-baby gift to myself!!! shirt2Another one not on sale, but I am full on IN LOVE with this top. It will be mine. Okay, so what'd ya buy!?!?! I must know! I live for shopping... and other things... Oh, shut up.

All things San Diego, Part I

torrey pinesTorrey Pines | Image Via

As we prepare our family for a big move, there's been a lot of reflecting about all of our time in Cali. This is the first place we’ve been able to settle in and actually live some semblance of a normal life. We love it here and we are sad to leave, but are excited for the next chapter in our lives. I thought it would be fun if I shared my definitive list of ALL things San Diego!!

Best Waxing: La Di Da Sugaring with Kelly

Kicking it off with the good stuff. So the best waxing is, in fact, not waxing, but sugaring. A mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice applied directly to the skin to remove hair. I could go on for days about how it’s less painful and more sanitary than waxing, but you should just check it out. Owner Kelly Fritz is one of the most magical people I’ve ever met, she just radiates friendliness and can get your who dolled up in record time. I started seeing Emily in the evenings to work around The Captain’s schedule and she’s equally wonderful! These ladies will change your life.

Best Hair Cut: Meghan Noel Salon

I have been seeing Meghan ever since I hit on her in a Robeks. But seriously, I was like, “you have beautiful hair.” She was like, “I’m a hair stylist.” I was like, “give me them digits.” Meanwhile The Captain sits in the car with the dogs confused. I get in the car and he asks, “did you just get that girls phone number?” Perv. The rest is history! With stellar prices and a real knack for hair artistry she’s worth the drive from any part of SD.

Best Facial: Serenity Skin Care

I haven’t been able to make it in for a facial in some time, but when I do Ann Duke is who I call upon!! This lady knows skin! And on top of that, she’s a lovely human being! SSC is run out of her home in Hillcrest and she and her husband, Mario are just as charming as they come! I still swear that her monthly facials are what continues to keep my skin happy and healthy, even years later.

Best Tattoo Artists: Charlie Cung at Guru Tattoo and Shannon Nordin at Remington Tattoo

If you are look for awesome black ink work with a focus on mandala and dot work then Charlie is your guy. He’s so chill and an artist through and through. Shannon did The Captain’s back piece which turned out absolutely amazing. He does more traditional style tattoos! Both parlors are super chic and crazy clean.

Best Botox: re:vive salon & spa

Yep, I’ve dabbled with the tox. I know it’s pretty much the opposite of my healthy, natural living... blah blah blah. Everyone has their thing, you eat a steak a week and I keep my forehead forever youthful. So if you are thinking of getting some enhancements, Kathleen at re:vive is totally who you should see! Not only does re:vive offer the best price in San Diego, [10$ a unit] Kathleen is a rn and a trainer for the company, she really listens to what you’re after. They have a Doctor that works in the office and comes and talks to you before you have your botox injected.

Best Dentist: Poway Dental Arts

The nicest dental crew in North County. I love Michelle and all of the staff! Dr. Rich is such a nice guy and is pretty easy on the eyes too!

Best Work Out: Major tie: The Dailey Method RB & The Bar Method Carmel Mountain

I have had the most lovely experiences with both of these studios. I did Bar Method for nearly 2 years pre-baby and loved the teachers and the method. After baby, I tried out Dailey Method because of child care, but was happy to find another lovely studio filled with wonderful people and a killer work out. I wish I could’ve been a member longer!

Best Hiking: Torrey Pines

So not the most creative answer, but alas the most beautiful and calming. I love hiking by the beach and this hike makes me happy. I also dig Iron Mountain... if you’re in the mood to hike something called Iron Mountain...

Stay tuned for Part II for all my favorite spots to eat! Yes, ALL OF THEM.

My Ode to Sweatpants

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetMy Dearest Sweatpants, oh how I love thee, Recently you came under vicious attack by an obnoxiously bronzed celebrity, who is so beautiful it actually makes me angry, but no mind. She deemed you, “the number 1 cause of divorce...” in her slanderous attack. Not only only does this statistic seem grossly inaccurate, it’s just plain disrespectful. The poor gorgeous celebrity has of course since eaten her words, but alas, the damage was done...  Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI am writing to reassure you that despite such a heinous remark you are still much loved and appreciated by wives everywhere!!! Me included. You are soft, stretchy and can easily go from grocery store to nap. You don’t make me feel self conscious about my post-baby love handles. You are just as comfy after an entire Chipotle burrito and a bag of chips and gauc as you are after a morning run-- [hahaha, but let's be serious, I'm never running…yet you love me anyways] And as an added bonus, you can be removed with ease anytime the mood strikes and that makes you sexy as hell.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset You are now more socially acceptable than ever with chic “loungewear” designs popping up everywhere from Loft to JCrew to Alexander Wang... So not only are you NOT the the number 1 cause of divorce, you’re cool AND sexy!!! Stay stretchy my love!

With the highest adoration,

Lauren Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Yes, I love fashion AND my sweatpants. GASP! I have a ton of different styles, some more appropriate for leaving the house than others... Here are a few styles that I would love to add to my collection!!

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Happy Presidents Day!

Enjoying a day with the fam!! But you should definitely check out some P-day sales!! 40% off at Gap [code: WINTER] and Banana Republic [code:BRLOVEYOU]. I did some Gap damage and picked up this cute pair o pants for me and a few things for the mister and some super cute stuff for Rocco, obsessed with these lil' pants. JCrew [code: WEEKENDMUST] is offering 40-50% off final sale. Loft is offer 50% off of select styles. Oh and don't forget to enter our Freshly Picked Giveaway!

Peace out!

Freshly Picked Giveaway!!!!

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I am soooo excited to announce a super fun giveaway with Freshly Picked. We are going to be giving away a pair of fabulous FP moccasins!!! Hooray!! You may recognize the brand from, CEO, Susan Petersen's awesome appearance on Shark Tank! LOVE HER! They make the most fashionable baby shoes on the market!! From all the hip mommy bloggers to the Kardashians people are obsessed and rightful so! I am in love with these moccs, I mean, all the cool kids are wearing them.

FPI am so pumped to be giving away a pair of these moccs in the color and size of the winners choice!!! YAY!! To be entered all you have to do is like Blissful Happenings and Freshly Picked on Facebook then comment below with your favorite pair of Freshly Picked Moccs and how you'd style your little one!!! For one extra entry you can like us on Twitter and for 2 extra entries you can subscribe to the blog by email over on our side bar>>>>>> Log all of your entries below, note, it may take a minute to load especially if you are on a mobile device!

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fp2Be sure to share with your friends!!! Thanks for stopping by!! Good Luck!!!!