The way, way back…

old school zoe heels tatum roadPhotos via Tatum Kathleen

Since I spend most of my days to in some sort of stretchy pant, not the kind acceptable to wear out in public, I thought I would take a quick journey down memory lane. Let's have a quick moment of silence for all the ridiculously fun clothes I used to wear [I miss you leopard pencil skirt], the kind of fun clothes I hope to wear again… someday… If you have the energy to dress up or wash your hair, I've also included some pieces the chic Lauren buried deep down inside is currently lusting after for you to shop!!!! Someone needs to be fabulous in my stead!

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Even your layers, have layers…

Boho Mod Layers : ModCloth
So I was thrilled when ModCloth asked me to put together a layered look using their super cute clothes! I'd been on their site before, but it had been a hot minute. I WANT ERRYTHING. So much fabulousness and great prices too. I'm sold. Anywhozzle. I am, of course, drawn to anything that The Olsen's would wear aka Hobo Chic, so this Bona Fide Boho Cardigan was where it all started. Obsessed. I like the idea of wearing a chic, modern blouse underneath a graphic tee and shut your face, weekends ARE for waffles. I think this is hip and playful, it would pair so well with some leathery leggings… I mean, you could do skinny jeans, but come on, stretchy pants for the win. I like the juxtaposition of this relaxed look with a super structured bag in a rad color. Throw on some booties and a few hip rings and you are officially too cool for school… are people still saying that!? Meh. If you really wanna bring the hobo chic on strong add a super fun beanie or a rad scarf in a bold color. I'm in love, I'm also wishing I didn't live in Southern California. Please ignore my crazy talk. Definitely stop by the site, I'm also digging this sweater and this sweater and thissss sweater. You get it. You can check out their entire selection of fab cardigans here!!! You know you want to!!

Happy Monday Folks!!

Clothes I Can't Live Without These Days…

Preggo Pieces 2.001[1] [2] [3] [4]

So these days it's not particularly easy to dress myself in super cute clothes all the time, but I do what I can. I'm 8 and a half months pregnant in the dead of summer in Southern California and all I can say is that I would really like to just walk around naked all the time with a cooling towel and a fan. I honestly would prefer to never leave my house, but alas that is not a realistic dream.

When it comes to preggo fashion the 4 pieces above are about the only things I've bought "maternity" and I love them all! The jeans were a great purchase until about 6 months when the average temp began to hoover in the high 80's, but for the fall/winter you absolutely must buy a few pairs! JBrand are so pricey, but I tell you they are amazing and they don't look a bit like maternity! Love that. Now shorts, I've tried a few pairs and the ones I liked the most are shockingly Jessica Simpson. I know, right!? They are super comfy and look really stylish! Fab. I've bought a few colors of this dress and it's great for layering with a kimono, I feel cute and they were super cheap. Winning. I also bought a similar baseball tee and I love it! I probably didn't need to buy maternity, but I love that the hem curves and that it's a bit longer. So those are my 4 maternity pieces.

Preggo Pieces.001[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

I honestly think it's completely possible to not buy a single maternity piece when you are pregnant in the summer. So really what I've been sticking to are maxi dresses, leggings, and tshirts. Boom. I have found that you usually can wear your same size or just one size up in more body conscious pieces. The key to wearing non-maternity clothes is material, gotta have some stretch! I've bought a ton of maxis and really found that they are easiest thing to throw on when you are just hot and tired and feel like someone punched you in the vag. Gap, Old Navy, and Nordstrom Rack have been my go to shops for dresses. I refuse to spend a ton of money on anything I can't be sure will fit after Rocco joins the world. Even with the heat I have been wearing leggings and my go to are the high-low pant for Lululemon which are just so crazy, comfy and make you feel super skinny! I also have a pair of liquid leggings similar to the pair above that I absolutely love for a night out! I think they look so cool with a bump. I am obsessed with v-neck tees from JCrew, I went up a size and they have lasted through out my whole pregnancy! Finally, I invested in a crazy comfy pair of leopard sneakers. Chic mom shoes, if you will... I will, thank you very much!

What are your go-to preggo pieces!?!? Do you buy a ton of maternity items or prefer to stick to adaptable regular clothes!?

Lotsa Leopard

DSC_0030-(ZF-7445-37833-1-022)DSC_0036-(ZF-7445-37833-1-026) DSC_0028-(ZF-7445-37833-1-021) DSC_0033-(ZF-7445-37833-1-023) DSC_0035-(ZF-7445-37833-1-025)photos by Kelsey Erin Photography | [dress] BCBG [ring] Besty & Iya

As if being pregnant could stop me form wearing leopard, pssssshhhhhhh! I can't help it. My love for leopard knows no bounds. This kid better like leopard too because he's gonna be forced to wear some bad ass leopard moccasins and leggings. Hipster Baby in the making. Dreams coming true. I found this dress at a BCBG outlet for 32 bucks. It is made from the most perfect stretch jersey and it's lined so the fabric never looks thin around my growing tummy. I've been able to wear this dress throughout all trimesters and for that reason it's been sorta my fave purchase thus far. Hitting 32 weeks is pretty crazy, 8 weeks until due date!!!! I mean, look at that BELLY!!!! Just so super excited!!!! Peace, Love & Leopard.

Horizontal Stripes are Slimming, no?

DSC_0002-(ZF-7445-37833-1-041) DSC_1275-(ZF-7445-37833-1-037) DSC_1280-(ZF-7445-37833-1-038) DSC_1290-(ZF-7445-37833-1-040) DSC_1286-(ZF-7445-37833-1-039)Images via Kelsey Erin Photography

Since it would be impossible for me to feel more wide, I've decided to no longer give a flying eff. I want to wear stripes, so I wear stripes. I found this little gem at my favorite San Diego boutique Mimi and Red. Yes, I spend a great deal of money at this store. This dress is magically stretchy so it hugs baby Rocco without being vulgar! After watching the adorable Begin Again, I was super inspired by Keira Knightley's adorable character's quirky, sweet style! It was girlie and chic, but with a decidedly menswear inspired, hence my oxfords. I've also been taking an au naturel approach to my hair… I let it do whatever the bloody hell it wants to and I just don't care…. It's really freeing! I also wash it maybe once every 9 days… Yeah, I'm seriously winning at life.

The Summer Outfit I Won't get to Wear…

Summer Lovin' .0011|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9

So, I don't mean this in a negative way… I am very happy to pregnant and very much loving my big ol' belly, but damn why are there so many adorable things out and about this season that are just not compatible to a preggo tummy!?! Like Rompers. Very hard to get the fit right or a piece that doesn't have elastic around the natural waist. And crop tops. If I have to explain to you why this is just wrong in every conceivable way then you are in the wrong place. Just go! Get the hell outta here! That is why I am putting together the summer look that I will not be able to wear this year.  Enjoy you skinny bitches!


Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 02 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 04 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 07 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 09photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [dress] RVCA from Mimi & Red [shoes] Old Cynthia Vincent, these are pretty chic [bracelet] Lenny and Eva

So the lesson of today's blog is "try shit on" because honestly you just never know!! I've done closet cleanses where I am certain that I will hate a piece and when the client puts it on, I'm pleasantly surprised. The same happens in the store, the hanger is not a great place to get a feel for an item of clothing. You must try clothing on. I almost missed out on this dress because I assumed it would be too vulgar on a pregnant chick. Luckily, the day after I saw it in the store, I saw a super-cute super-preggs rocking it something fierce. I immediately went back and purchased it! With a surprising amount of support from my growing tatas and a super comfy loose skirt, it's basically the perfect pregnant lady get up! And bonus, it's still gonna be fabulous after bambino is born! I rock it with my favorite gladiators and some simple jewelry. Boom! Insta-Cali and the perfect boho summer look!

So 3008…

Blissful pink purse - 03Blissful pink purse - 10 Blissful pink purse - 09Blissful pink purse - 07Blissful pink purse - 04images by Kelsey Erin Photography | [tee] old Banana Republic, I love this one and this one [leggings] ancient Forever 21, but these fit the bill nicely [jacket] old conscious collection H&M, obsessed with these 2 Loft jackets, here and here [bag] Rebecca Minkoff desire satchel [shoes] Report from Nordstrom Rack, this pair is reasonably priced and super cute [ring] Betsy & Iya

I spy a belly bump!!! This outfit is fully comprised of pieces I bought ages ago that just so happen to be majorly in fashion now… I'm patting myself on back for being so 3008 and not 2000 and late. These leggings were a master purchase for 12.80 back 6 or so years ago and they are literally the most perfect hip-chick pregnant lady accessory. I feel so thin and rockstar when I wear them. Unfortunately, as it gets hotter these will sadly have to be retired, but I plan on rocking them as long as possible! They fit the same dressing standards as my favorite AA leggings which I posted about here!! I'm super pumped about my Nordies Rack sneaker find, 30 bucks yo!! They have just the cool kid factor of the much more expensive ones I was eyeing and still may one day purchase, but for now these guys are doing the trick! Also, this may be my favorite purse ever! It's the envy of many and I found it at Nordies Rack nearly half off. Sadly the style and color is very much a distant memory of seasons past. I was able to find a ton on eBay and a few in the hot pink and turquoise, so if you are in love check that out!!

It's Pronounced Tar-Jay

Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 27 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 28 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 29 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 30photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [tank] Target [shorts] Levis [sandals] super old Sam Edelman, love this updated version [slimming tank] Lizard Thicket [necklaces] Dogeared & Sea and Cake [ring] Betsy & Iya [on nails] Taboo by Chanel

Spring is upon us and this was my last ditch effort to fit into my favorite shorts before this baby bump becomes too out of control. I did try the "hair tie trick" with this pair of button fly shorts and it actually works okay. Basically, you loop the hair tie through the button hole and then loop the other end a few times around the button. I wouldn't want to do this with a zipper fly, but it worked just fine with these. I am obsessed with this Target tank! I want to go get another style. 15 bucks and the perfect length for a growing belly! This is why people love Target!!! I have on my favorite nude slimming tank from my sister's store in Georgia, if you are in the Newnan area you should totes go check it out!!! Right now, I'm on the lookout for the perfect pair of affordable pregnancy shorts, not an easy task!! So stay tuned for that!!!