It's Pronounced Tar-Jay

Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 27 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 28 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 29 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 30photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [tank] Target [shorts] Levis [sandals] super old Sam Edelman, love this updated version [slimming tank] Lizard Thicket [necklaces] Dogeared & Sea and Cake [ring] Betsy & Iya [on nails] Taboo by Chanel

Spring is upon us and this was my last ditch effort to fit into my favorite shorts before this baby bump becomes too out of control. I did try the "hair tie trick" with this pair of button fly shorts and it actually works okay. Basically, you loop the hair tie through the button hole and then loop the other end a few times around the button. I wouldn't want to do this with a zipper fly, but it worked just fine with these. I am obsessed with this Target tank! I want to go get another style. 15 bucks and the perfect length for a growing belly! This is why people love Target!!! I have on my favorite nude slimming tank from my sister's store in Georgia, if you are in the Newnan area you should totes go check it out!!! Right now, I'm on the lookout for the perfect pair of affordable pregnancy shorts, not an easy task!! So stay tuned for that!!!