So Chic...


rocksteady-valentino-jcrew-fashion rocksteady-valentino-jcrew-fashion rocksteady-valentino-jcrew-fashionpics courtesy of Tatum Kathleen -- [tee] Nordstrom Rack [skirt] J Crew, similar [necklace] Nadri [shoes] Valentino, similar

The Captain is a saint, like a real life in the flesh saint. When a friend from the diiirrrrty south called me to let me she was now working in the Atlanta Valentino store and that things were on sale I swear I heard angels sing. I was on a budget. Yes. I'm always on a budget, but since The Captain's return I was trying to spend all our cash on doing things together, not designer shoes. Well needless to say, she sent me a pic of these RockStud sling backs and I was done. Hot Pink? Gold Studs? I mean, perfection. I reasoned that they are one of my most perfect shoe matches and that at 60% off I needed them to survive. What? I did. I wore them around my house with sweatpants the day they came in the mail. They make me so happy paired with my good ole standby No. 2 pencil skirt from J Crew. This is my kind of dressing up. And let's take a minute to chat about my most favorite agate bracelet ever. I bought it at a bazaar in Egypt and love that thing more than diamonds. Seriously, diamonds. It's a rare occasion that I wear heels or dress up at all, but with these shoes and that skirt it's totally worth it. Oh and I know what you are thinking... Get outta the damn road!!!