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Photo Jan 29-2 Photo Jan 29-3 Photo Jan 29-4 Photo Jan 29-5 Photo Jan 29 Over the past 8 years, I've gone from warm climate to warm climate and rarely seen temps deserving of my giant leopard coat. It was purchased for a steal from the new defunct Piperlime. I miss Piperlime, it was good stuff!!! Any who, this is as close to a winter look as you are going to get from me, I have been able to justify wearing my coat a total of 1 time... 30 degrees in the sunshine. That's stinking cold. Also, grab a pair of these Gap jeans, so comfy. I suggest going down a size as after a bit of wear they loosen up big time.

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So 3008…

Blissful pink purse - 03Blissful pink purse - 10 Blissful pink purse - 09Blissful pink purse - 07Blissful pink purse - 04images by Kelsey Erin Photography | [tee] old Banana Republic, I love this one and this one [leggings] ancient Forever 21, but these fit the bill nicely [jacket] old conscious collection H&M, obsessed with these 2 Loft jackets, here and here [bag] Rebecca Minkoff desire satchel [shoes] Report from Nordstrom Rack, this pair is reasonably priced and super cute [ring] Betsy & Iya

I spy a belly bump!!! This outfit is fully comprised of pieces I bought ages ago that just so happen to be majorly in fashion now… I'm patting myself on back for being so 3008 and not 2000 and late. These leggings were a master purchase for 12.80 back 6 or so years ago and they are literally the most perfect hip-chick pregnant lady accessory. I feel so thin and rockstar when I wear them. Unfortunately, as it gets hotter these will sadly have to be retired, but I plan on rocking them as long as possible! They fit the same dressing standards as my favorite AA leggings which I posted about here!! I'm super pumped about my Nordies Rack sneaker find, 30 bucks yo!! They have just the cool kid factor of the much more expensive ones I was eyeing and still may one day purchase, but for now these guys are doing the trick! Also, this may be my favorite purse ever! It's the envy of many and I found it at Nordies Rack nearly half off. Sadly the style and color is very much a distant memory of seasons past. I was able to find a ton on eBay and a few in the hot pink and turquoise, so if you are in love check that out!!


Blissful Happenings - September 2013 - 096Blissful Happenings - September 2013 - 091 Blissful Happenings - September 2013 - 095Photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [shirt] Equipment, similar here [jeans] JBrand [jacket] last year H&M, similar here [booties] Cole Haan  [lipstick] Mac Russian Red

 Sometimes you just need to get a little feisty and leopard is ALWAYS feisty. I splurged majorly on this top, but justified it by saying that my love of leopard print only grows, so having a classic silk leopard print top is always a brilliant idea. I'll have it for the rest of my life… I'll wear it in the old folks home when I'm 92…  Yeah, yeah whatever, that's what I'll tell The Captain at least. So I liked the idea of pairing it with some dark rinse skinnies and a utility jacket, so I did it. Super casual like. I'm still really loving the trend of the ankle length denim, somehow it makes me feel skinnier and taller… not sure how or why, but that's how I feel. Don't get me started on these booties, like walking on clouds!! Heavenly! Side note: Look how adorable my baby Hammond is!! He had just had a shave, so he looks so skinny!! Luckily his hair has grown fast, I wish I could say the same. Side note from the side note: Don't ever let me cut my hair again! I'm growing it until I can actually sit on it. Fact.

So Chic...


rocksteady-valentino-jcrew-fashion rocksteady-valentino-jcrew-fashion rocksteady-valentino-jcrew-fashionpics courtesy of Tatum Kathleen -- [tee] Nordstrom Rack [skirt] J Crew, similar [necklace] Nadri [shoes] Valentino, similar

The Captain is a saint, like a real life in the flesh saint. When a friend from the diiirrrrty south called me to let me she was now working in the Atlanta Valentino store and that things were on sale I swear I heard angels sing. I was on a budget. Yes. I'm always on a budget, but since The Captain's return I was trying to spend all our cash on doing things together, not designer shoes. Well needless to say, she sent me a pic of these RockStud sling backs and I was done. Hot Pink? Gold Studs? I mean, perfection. I reasoned that they are one of my most perfect shoe matches and that at 60% off I needed them to survive. What? I did. I wore them around my house with sweatpants the day they came in the mail. They make me so happy paired with my good ole standby No. 2 pencil skirt from J Crew. This is my kind of dressing up. And let's take a minute to chat about my most favorite agate bracelet ever. I bought it at a bazaar in Egypt and love that thing more than diamonds. Seriously, diamonds. It's a rare occasion that I wear heels or dress up at all, but with these shoes and that skirt it's totally worth it. Oh and I know what you are thinking... Get outta the damn road!!!