PJ chic.

Blissful Outfits - 04Blissful Outfits - 06photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [pants & tank] American Eagle, here & here[booties] Sam Edelman [jacket] Madewell

I love pajamas and I'm not gonna lie, this look is like barely 2 steps away from being sleep time attire. I bought this outfit for the dead of summer, but I couldn't help myself… And fringe booties and a leather jacket go with everything. So boom. Done. Comfortable and fashionable-ish. I kid you not when I say that these Sam Edelman Louie booties are literally one of my most perfect purchases ever!! They aren't cheap, but I swear to you they are magical and you will live in them! They are perfect for colder weather and look super cute paired with shorts in summer!! I'm a big, big fan! They are totally worth the splurge!

So, who's ready for bed?