PJ chic.

Blissful Outfits - 04Blissful Outfits - 06photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [pants & tank] American Eagle, here & here[booties] Sam Edelman [jacket] Madewell

I love pajamas and I'm not gonna lie, this look is like barely 2 steps away from being sleep time attire. I bought this outfit for the dead of summer, but I couldn't help myself… And fringe booties and a leather jacket go with everything. So boom. Done. Comfortable and fashionable-ish. I kid you not when I say that these Sam Edelman Louie booties are literally one of my most perfect purchases ever!! They aren't cheap, but I swear to you they are magical and you will live in them! They are perfect for colder weather and look super cute paired with shorts in summer!! I'm a big, big fan! They are totally worth the splurge!

So, who's ready for bed?

I'm with the band.

Blissful Happenings  2 - 73Blissful Happenings  2 - 78I love music. Real music… not this carly ray call me-gaga-levato-gomez pop nonsense crap. I have two pop guilty pleasures vintage Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson(who is actually a musical genius). Other than those two, I am completely ignorant of any popular music… ask my friends Emily and Shirley. Who, against my will, force me to listen to terrible music including gum gum style!?!? I don't even know. I'm old. I like real music. Luckily, we know some people who still play real music and when they visited SoCal The Captain and I had a weekend of fun! I'm just gonna say it, I'd make a terrific groupie-- minus all the pervy stuff. Get your head outta the gutta! This was my chilly night concert look! I love dressing for outdoor concerts here in San Diego because you know you are going to be a little cold, but get all amped up and jump and sing, etc. Unless you are boring, then you sit the whole time and would be better off listening to the cd in the comfort of your home. Now about my Target booties, I never wear nice shoes to a concert!! There is booze and questionable sticky stuff everywhere! Ew. Gross. So I decided that I would have a designated pair of concert boots and these 35 dollar Target booties fit the bill perfectly!!! This particular pair is currently not available, but check out the cute pair I found below. Blissful Happenings  2 - 77 Blissful Happenings  2 - 74photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | Gotta love my photo bombing dogs. Silly boys. | [chambray] Banana Republic [vest] old Loft [coated jeans] old 7 for all Mankind, these are fab! [booties] Target, sold out, but these are so cute!! [headband] old Loft [lipstick] Nars in Mascate

photo 3[look at all those people!!!! i still get so excited!!!!!] photo 2[mean mugging with the captain before the show starts. your welcome for this]

Sweater Weather

Blissful Happenings - September 2013 - 065 Blissful Happenings - September 2013 - 071pics by Kelsey Erin Photography  | [sweater] old, but I love this one [tee]target men's section [faux leather pants] bb dakota on sale! [booties] cole haan [lipstick] MAC Morange

I can't help myself, I love the cold... or what I've now come to think of as cold. It's pathetic, but anything under 55 is freezing. So while that makes me a giant wuss, it also means I can get away with faux leather pants and a massive wool sweater without it ACTUALLY being freezing outside. It's fun to get in touch with your inner badass. My inner badass thinks she's a rockstar and can get away with any look... no matter how ridiculous. Sometimes leather leggings are absolutely appropriate for running to the grocery store...

Bee Stylish

style-fashion-street style-leather jacket-booties style-fashion-street style-leather jacket-booties style-fashion-street style-leather jacket-booties[jacket] old, I like these here and here [dress] Vero Moda c/o SurfDome [booties] Sam Edelman

The nights are getting cool here in SoCal and Hallelujah because I get to bust out my leather jackets!!! As a vegan I know plenty of people like to make snarky remarks, but the fact of the matter is I love leather. Until faux is as soft and luxurious as the real thing, I'm gonna stick with the real deal. Enough of that. How about that necklace!?!? So cute, right? So fun little story about that... The Captain has a rap name. Well all of my friends, we all, have rap names... Sweet T, Lil' Pil, G-Dawg, K-Money, I'm LoJack and The Captain is Killa B. Yes, I know, we are AWESOME! Well whilst on his 8 month "work trip" off into the unknown it wasn't uncommon to not get a call from him for 2-3 months and sometimes even email was unavailable for weeks at a time. Basically it sucked. Packages averaged about 4 weeks for delivery, so good luck getting something quick. Well imagine my surprise when I received a package on my birthday. My actual birthday-day! I couldn't believe it, there were lots of tears. He found this awesome bee necklace from a small boutique in Thailand AND it's perfect. I wear it to keep Killa B close to me! Do you have any jewelry that holds sentimental value? Tell me about it!

Photos courtesy of Kelsey Erin Photography