Bee Stylish

style-fashion-street style-leather jacket-booties style-fashion-street style-leather jacket-booties style-fashion-street style-leather jacket-booties[jacket] old, I like these here and here [dress] Vero Moda c/o SurfDome [booties] Sam Edelman

The nights are getting cool here in SoCal and Hallelujah because I get to bust out my leather jackets!!! As a vegan I know plenty of people like to make snarky remarks, but the fact of the matter is I love leather. Until faux is as soft and luxurious as the real thing, I'm gonna stick with the real deal. Enough of that. How about that necklace!?!? So cute, right? So fun little story about that... The Captain has a rap name. Well all of my friends, we all, have rap names... Sweet T, Lil' Pil, G-Dawg, K-Money, I'm LoJack and The Captain is Killa B. Yes, I know, we are AWESOME! Well whilst on his 8 month "work trip" off into the unknown it wasn't uncommon to not get a call from him for 2-3 months and sometimes even email was unavailable for weeks at a time. Basically it sucked. Packages averaged about 4 weeks for delivery, so good luck getting something quick. Well imagine my surprise when I received a package on my birthday. My actual birthday-day! I couldn't believe it, there were lots of tears. He found this awesome bee necklace from a small boutique in Thailand AND it's perfect. I wear it to keep Killa B close to me! Do you have any jewelry that holds sentimental value? Tell me about it!

Photos courtesy of Kelsey Erin Photography