Women Who Rock

fashion - illustration - styleI was introduced to the brilliant Brittany Fuson's work a few years ago and am absolutely in LOVE with what she does!! Her illustrations are the epitome of chic and her killer knowledge of fashion definitely gives her that extra somethin-somethin. She's immensely talented and does everything from celebrity drawings to stationary to custom wedding sketches. I'm happy to introduce her as our second inspiring chick in our Women Who Rock series!!!!  I encourage you to check out her amazing site, awesome products, and wonderful blog!!! fashion - illustrations - styleBe honest, were you always a kick-ass artist or did it take some practice? Thank you for the compliment! I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, but my illustrations have gotten more refined and stylized over the years. I look back on illustrations from high school and cringe. They're so different from the way they look now. It's like riding a bike, though. I have to do a few to get warmed up each day. I can always tell when I haven't picked up a pencil in a few days... the first few can be rough.

What makes a killer illustration? My idea of a great illustration and the audience's idea are totally different. I tend to prefer the black and white messy sketches. However, the best sellers and most popular ones are the ones with loads of color. People also love to see illustrations of celebrities and people they can easily recognize (ex: Kate Middleton).

Who is your current fashion goddess of choice? Fashion Goddess of choice.... so many to pick from. I love turning to Olivia Palermo for outfit inspiration. There's also tons of great bloggers out there with amazing style (Rachel of Pink Peonies, Emily of the Ivory Lane, Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, etc.). Pinterest has been a God-send... being able to combine all my inspirational photos in one place!

If you could only draw one designer for the rest of time, who would you choose? My answer would be different if you asked which designer I turn to for everyday inspiration. If I could only look to one designer for my everyday life, what to wear, how to incorporate the latest trends, etc. it would be a combo of Stella McCartney, Rag & Bone, The Row and Derek Lam. As far as drawing designer duds, I could draw Oscar de la Renta everyday for the rest of my life and be happy. The colors he uses and the shapes.... classic but so beautiful.

What’s your favorite trend for Fall?? On my blog right now, I'm dedicating the entire month to my "September Issue" where I'm covering all the big trends for fall. One that I'm excited to try is the midi skirt. I work from home, so I rarely get super dressed up for work. But I love the idea of the longer length for fall. fashion - illustrations - style