The Power of Yes.


Back in February I wrote a post with my advice for life because at my advanced age I felt it was time I gave back some of the mighty knowledge that has been bestowed upon me in my many, many, many years on this Earth. As it turns out, one of those perils of wisdom has become even more important as my pregnancy progresses. Being a person who says yes isn’t always easy, hell, it’s not even always possible, but it is important. I think a meaningful life lies in the space between thinking and doing, it’s the action that makes life special. I’m the type of person that is easily wrapped up in things and can be distracted by the smallest detail. I’m a stellar worrier, I always have been. It takes a lot of effort and prayer for me to really be present in the moment. We have so many distractions these days iPhones, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs upon blogs, and endless streaming Netflix that it’s possible to live an entire life and not really have to be present EVER. Let’s change that.

When someone asks you to grab lunch, do it! Been thinking about serving at church or volunteering, don’t put it off anymore! A friend has tickets to a show that is grossly past your bedtime, go and soak it all in!!! Never-ever-ever miss the opportunity to let someone know you are there for them! Sometimes the simple act of bringing a sick friend flowers or just calling your buddy who’s husband is deployed will not only make them feel loved, but will undoubtedly bring you joy as well. These things are all about just living in the moment, realizing that you are not the center of the universe, and saying yes to the fleeting thoughts in your head telling you to do something kind. Life is such a precious gift, I can’t understand why so many of us are content to only live some of the time. I want to be a person who says yes to life, adventure, serving, and helping my friends. I want to be a yes person because that’s what I want for my son. I want him to accept each day as a possible adventure and a chance to show love to the people around him.

Live an exciting life, it's the only one you've got. Let's do more than just exist.