High Tea

photo 1Because vegans shouldn't be left out of the fun!!! When my friends decided to have a Tea Party I quickly volunteered to make cucumber sandwiches. Now I'd like to say it's because I'm just a kind person, but let's be honest… I just wanted to be able to eat them! Greedy lil' vegan. As it turns out, they were pretty freaking delicious and super easy to make. I found most recipes to be way too complicated, so I just decided to make up my own. They were a hit and no one knew they were lacking animal products. Score. photo 5Cucumber Tea-Sammies

1 large english cucumber, sliced very thin

8 oz tofutti cream cheese

2 tablespoons of veganaise

3-4 tablespoon of The Spice Hunter organic dill packet

loaf of white bread

First, slice the cucumber in half then slice super thin, if you have a mandolin you should definitely use it! Then mix the cream cheese, veganaise, and spice packet. Slather mixture on good ole' fashioned white bread, then add 2 cucumbers. I found that it was best to assemble the sammies then cut the crusts off and into your desired shape… I prefer odd sorta-triangles. Place on a plate/tray and watch them disappear in flash.