women who rock

267899_4741100893632_399249558_n So I love my hair stylist. Like LOVE her. Before moving to Cali I had the same stylist for nearly 11 years, my genius sis-in-law, and when I have tried other stylists I've always been terribly disappointed, until I met Meghan… Best. Story. Ever. So The Captain and I had just finished a hike with the dogs and we had stopped by Robeks to pick up smoothies. I went in to grab our drinks and standing in front of me was the most genius hair I have ever seen! So, of course, I had to tell her. Turns out she was a stylist, score! That's how I met Meghan, but the best part is when I got back in the truck The Captain looked bemused and he turns to me and asks, "Did you just get that hot chick's number?" Winning. I've been seeing her for almost 2 years! She is brilliant! Not only is she an ombre master and totally understands the art of the perfect cut, she is an absolutely wonderful human being and a joy to be around!

I’m beyond envious of your killer long locks, what are you go to products? Product!! I am a huge fan of L'Oreal Professional (not to be mistaken with the L'Oreal you will find at your local Target, CVS, etc.) Not only do I believe in their products, but my hair is proof of how truly amazing they are. They have created product lines that not only work well with all hair types to design whatever look want to achieve, but are formulated to repair the hair at the same time! A few go to products that your are going to find in my personal haircare collection are Intense Repair Shampoo and Intense Repair Masque. Pretty much no one can go wrong with these two products. Intense Repair won't weigh the hair down but will be sure to hydrate, repair, and leave your hair smelling amazing every time! Mythic Oil, the original formula for my hair and most anyone else out there is a MUST! Enhanced with avocado oil and grape oil it will nourish and repair the hair with every use. People make the mistake of not using a product to protect their hair from the blow dryer, hot tools or just the environment and Mythic Oil will do that for you without leaving you feeling greasy or weighed down. A day doesn't go by that I don't use Mythic Oil! Then for body and volume, it ranges from Lift Extreme when I need a great root boost, Mousse Volupte when I want beautiful soft body throughout my hair, and Curl Corset when I want that saltwater feel in my hair. Hairspray, every woman needs to own a hairspray, my favorite is Infinium 3, a strong hold working spray. Last when I'm feeling fancy and just want to add some extra shine to my hair without having to touch it (or I would just be using my Mythic Oil) Perfect Shimmer comes in to play! Smells incredible and leave the hair with amazing shine!!

What would you say is your hair philosophy? That's a deep question for me to answer. I'm a passionate person in each and everything I do. It's been important for me to create an environment that reflects who I am, the work that I do, resulting in a place where my clients love to come relax. Working from the private hair studio I opened almost two years ago, has been like a dream. It has allowed me a space where I can find peace, be creative and productive every time I walk in the door. Thus allowing me to create the perfect style and look for each and every one of my clients. Something they can wear everyday, recreate at home, feel beautiful or handsome rocking, and still be practical for their lifestyle! It is important that each one of my clients feels special and taken care of each time they see me.

522686_3116708604840_1574712220_nIs there a common mistake you think women make with their hair? A common mistake woman make with their hair, well... Not taking proper care of their hair is probably number one. That means using professional products and leaving the job to the professionals! Second, trying to wear a style, color, and/or cut that just doesn't flatter their hair type or their features.

What’s your favorite hair trend of the moment? My favorite trend at the moment is probably the one I'm wearing. Enhancing the natural beauty one already has is my favorite! It really reflects my life at the moment as well. Simple, natural, sun kissed, beautiful and easy-going, just like a day the beach!

What’s your definition of sexy?  Sexy is whatever makes a person look and feel their best! If you love the way you look you will feel sexy and people will see and feel that!! Confidence and being true to who you are and what you believe in will scream I am sexy and will make others scream he or she is SEXY too!!

563385_4702507128812_137025828_nIf you are in San Diego she is a must!! Visit her Facebook page for her info!!!