Who Wears Short-Shorts?

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Apparently I wear short-shorts. I purchased these shorts after being told they made my legs looked great. I was still quite skeptical, but a sucker for flattery I purchased them anyway. In SoCal it is super cool to wear 80's high-waisted Levi shorts that are cut so short that your ass cheeks just hang out alllll over the damn place. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, when I see teenagers rocking these shorts. I was worried that this was just a fancier version of those, but such is life and I'm a grown ass woman, I've earned the right to have my butt cheeks hanging outta my shorts. I always put on Burt's Bees Radiance body lotion when my legs are all out, the mica in it has a lovely light reflecting quality that makes your legs look all youthful and whatnot. Warning: You will leave a trail of glittery stripper goodness anywhere you touch, but for perfect looking legs sooo worth it.