Unicorn Tears

Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 066It's getting toasty so I've got to wear my kick ass pleather pants as many times as I can swing before it just gets too darn hot.  Luckily the nights stay pretty cool so I can try and rock these a few more times before summer hits!! I love these faux leather pants, they might not be the most comfortable pants in my closet, but to feel that cool I don't need to fully bend my knees all night… C'est la vie, living on the edge, blah, blah, blah. I particularly love them paired with the most comfortable long sleeved tee on the planet. I don't know how Vince does it. I swear their tshirts are made with unicorn tears and puppy kisses. They are not cheap, but if you keep an eye out Nordies Rack will have them for 50-60% off! Even TJ Maxx's runway section carries Vince, so be on the lookout! I would kill somebody in front of their own Mama for Vince tee. I will give you 2 million dollars if you can tell me what weirdo television cartoon that's from? I'm lying. I will give you zero dollars if you get my random Aqua Teen Hunger Force quote. So happy Wednesday, getcha some leather pants!!! Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 063 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 069 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 072 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 073 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 061photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [tee] Vince from Nordies Rack, but I'm obsessed with this one and this one and this one too [pants] BB Dakota, mine are discontinued loving this pair [pumps] super old Shoemint, think these are great, but OBSESSED with this pair. [rings] Various Etsy sellers and House of Harlow