The Breast Choice

elizabeth-banks-as-wendy-in-what-to-expectimage via

Yes, I have watched a ton of What to Expect when You're Expecting over the past 9 months… NBD. Last week I mentioned that I had chosen not to buy any nursing bras and you'd think I'd said that I planned on using banana leaves to diaper my baby and fill his bottle with a concoction of sweet tea and coffee. I figured I would give you my reasons for forgoing this overpriced, so-called necessity.

1. No one seems to like them. Even those advocating don't truly seem to love the ones that they own. My bestest buddy has 5 little ones and didn't have a single good thing to say about them, any brand, and she totally would know what was best. I completely trust her judgment and since talking to her I've found a few other Moms that also feel the same way and who successfully breastfed without nursing bras.

2. On top of the fact that they seem to be barely adequate, they range from 30-75 dollars. 75 dollars!? For an ugly bra!?!? Ummmm dude, there are post-baby clothes to buy. Pass.

3. I hate to break it to you, but a super stretchy sports bra easily raises and lowers over your boob…

4. Have I mentioned that they are, like, SUPER ugly!!!?!?!?

5. I'd rather decide I can't live without them than buy a ton only to find that they are completely useless to me. Praise The Lord for Amazon 2 day shipping.

So there, those are the groundbreaking life-altering reasons I will not be purchasing a nursing bra.