newport beach-socalI can't tell you how much I love vacation. It's one of my favorite things in the entire world. I don't even have to be going far, although that never hurts, I just love the carefree attitude of being on vacation, especially when The Captain is actually with me! This trip brought us to The OC, Newport Beach to be exact, which is only about an hour away. That's right folks, we went on a freakin' Staycation! Boo-ya!!! We were able to catch up with old friends, eat food, oh so much food, play dirty card games, and see how the other half lives. Here's a wee little photo diary of our fun!! photo 1Beautiful, right?? Yeah it was waaaay too cold to get in the pool, but it did provide a stunning view! And come on, people sized chess pieces?? Awesome-sauce!

photo 3So who's the most awesome vegan orderer ever? Oh yeah, this girl!! I managed to make a deliciously yummy sandwich at a seafood restaurant with zero vegetarian options, let alone vegan. It can always be done! Avocado sandwich, with onion, arugula, and tomatoes and a super healthy side of fries. What!? I'm on vacation and fries are delicious! Take your judgement elsewhere!!! Ppppshaaaww photo 4I call this look the "chic tourist" and I think it delivers. And let me take a minutes to gush over my Target booties, yes Target! They are brilliant and at 36 dollars, I can't for the life of me understand why you don't have them yet! Go!!!! Purchase!! [top] Banana [denim] J Brand [booties] Target [scarf] Target [bag] Rebecca Minkoff photo 5Fred Raptor, followers. Followers, Fred Raptor. Yeaaahhhhh, so rich people are weird as shit. This is just sitting in the front lawn of one of Balboa Island's crazy wealthy residents. I mean the houses here are so baller there are literally no words, so of course one of these crazies puts a massive Velociraptor in their front yard and names it Fred and gives him his own Facebook. Totally normal.