The Summer Outfit I Won't get to Wear…

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So, I don't mean this in a negative way… I am very happy to pregnant and very much loving my big ol' belly, but damn why are there so many adorable things out and about this season that are just not compatible to a preggo tummy!?! Like Rompers. Very hard to get the fit right or a piece that doesn't have elastic around the natural waist. And crop tops. If I have to explain to you why this is just wrong in every conceivable way then you are in the wrong place. Just go! Get the hell outta here! That is why I am putting together the summer look that I will not be able to wear this year.  Enjoy you skinny bitches!

Lady Who Lunches...

Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 031 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 034 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 036 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 037 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 039photos by the darling Kelsey | [shirt] ancient Banana [skirt] epically on sale Banana [shoes] super old Shoemint but super obsessed with this fancy pair o pumps! [bracelet] Kate Spade joie de vivre, similar and equally awesome. As those who know me can attest, I have quite an issue with authority, I may have mentioned it before… Let me explain, it's not because I can't respect someone in a position above me, but in the way that I don't like anyone to feel like they have to be confined or put in a box. Total art school hippie mentality. I like to stand up for the little guy… I don't like people to be judged solely on their outward appearance, and I LOVE when folks do a little something unexpected! Especially when it comes to their wardrobe! I like to think of my style as a weido, chic, boho, casual rocker, so on the days when I want to dress like my name is Arabella and I'm going to brunch with my fundraising committee ladies, I do it and I enjoy it!!! Fashion is meant to be fun, so have fun! I love a good pencil skirt and paired with the silk top, we have a sweet respectable little look. I can't do anything without a little flare, so add some leopard print booties and you are good to go.

Oh and come on, how freaking adorable is Franklin the dog!? I mean, COME. ON. Perfection.

So tell me, tell me. Do you have a fashion alter ego?