Seeing Stripes

Blissful Outfits - 10 Blissful Outfits - 11 Blissful Outfits - 13 photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [shirt] Audrey from Mimi & Red [tank] Lizard Thicket [jeans] JBrand maternity [scarf] Urban Outfitter [loafers] old Shoemint, I'm digging this pair!

I am the strange type of person who loves fashion yet craves comfort. It's a delicate balance… And now that not much of my clothing denim fits, thanks Baby, I am finding it more complicated to dress stylishly without resorting to exclusively wearing yoga pants. I refuse! So here's one things folks don't tell you about being preggs. You think oh, I'll just wear my normal clothes until BAM I'm a cute little mama rocking maxi dresses and friggin' elastic waistbands. Lies. There's the dreaded in-between where it just looks like straight up muffin top! You can still mostly button your skinny jeans, but as the hours pass they get tighter and tighter, by noon you have to unbutton them to eat and by 4pm, forget that shit, you are having to unbutton your pants just to stand. TO STAND. WTF!!?! So I found that at around the 3 month mark, I had given up on about 90% of my pants/shorts. Note: I can still rock my Paige Jimmy Jimmy boyfriend jeans[they are on sale], I love them!! They say you can tie a hair tie around your button and keep your wardrobe longer… I couldn't do it. They also make something called a belly band, but I haven't read overwhelmingly positive reviews on any of them. Honestly, I'm like, dude, give it up, your pants don' t fit. You're growing a human, it's allowed! Buy a pair of maternity jeans** already!

I find that dealing with the is she pregnant or did she just eat a MASSIVE burrito stage is to wear huge flowy tops, see here, here, here, and here. Luckily, I adore baggy tops, so I am hoping to get through the majority of pregnancy without purchasing many "maternity" items. Much like everyday, if you are going to wear baggy loose tops, you MUST pair them with a skinny bottom! Those proportions will keep you from feeling frumpy!

Blissful Outfits - 16 Blissful Outfits - 17**I gave in and bought a pair of J Brand maternity skinnies and I think they are brilliant. I was looking into the side cutout maternity pants, but found that I really preferred the full panel. It feels like it's sucking everything in which I love! It's all personal preference. They are astronomically expensive so definitely check out eBay before your fork over so much $$$. I am looking at them as an investment, I will live in these jeans for nearly 9 months and hell, I now have a solid pair of Thanksgiving pants for LIFE. #Winning

Such a Rebel

Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 108 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 109 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 116 Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 123photos by Kelsey Erin Photography | [shirt] old Mimi & Red [jeans] Gap [Jacket] Zara [pumps] Valentino

I was such a little rebel when I was a teenager. Constantly in detention for talking back to incompetent sub-teachers, taking any opportunity to tell my less evolved classmates what I thought of them, wearing pajamas and zit cream to school-- dirty hair, don't care. I got decent grades and never got in a fist fight, so my parents were never very concerned. They knew I was a weird kid. Honestly, I can't tell if I was straight up awesome or kind of a dick. Regardless, I met The Captain when I was 14 and we started dating when I was 16. I was smitten and as far as I could tell, I had found my lobster. I was done. So I cared even less about trying to impress people. I started walking to the beat of my own drum pretty early on and I honestly think that it was the key to my success. I'm a weirdo, I'm loud, I'm friendly, and I'm a bit of rebel. I don't love rules so much and that's where outfits like this evolve from, not caring. The skulls, the tweed, the angry shoulder pads, and the kick ass pumps. They are all a bit symbolic of that carefree attitude that live for. I love buying a piece of clothing, not because you think it's appropriate, but because it truly speaks to something inside of you…  In that way, fashion becomes more like collecting artwork and less like acquiring junk… I'm so unbelievable tired, yet I'm hopped up on a hazelnut latte so I apologize if this post reads like complete gibberish. Happy Wednesday Peeps!!!!!


Blissful Happenings - September 2013 - 096Blissful Happenings - September 2013 - 091 Blissful Happenings - September 2013 - 095Photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [shirt] Equipment, similar here [jeans] JBrand [jacket] last year H&M, similar here [booties] Cole Haan  [lipstick] Mac Russian Red

 Sometimes you just need to get a little feisty and leopard is ALWAYS feisty. I splurged majorly on this top, but justified it by saying that my love of leopard print only grows, so having a classic silk leopard print top is always a brilliant idea. I'll have it for the rest of my life… I'll wear it in the old folks home when I'm 92…  Yeah, yeah whatever, that's what I'll tell The Captain at least. So I liked the idea of pairing it with some dark rinse skinnies and a utility jacket, so I did it. Super casual like. I'm still really loving the trend of the ankle length denim, somehow it makes me feel skinnier and taller… not sure how or why, but that's how I feel. Don't get me started on these booties, like walking on clouds!! Heavenly! Side note: Look how adorable my baby Hammond is!! He had just had a shave, so he looks so skinny!! Luckily his hair has grown fast, I wish I could say the same. Side note from the side note: Don't ever let me cut my hair again! I'm growing it until I can actually sit on it. Fact.