Stop and smell the Valentino

perfume-valentino-valentina-scent-vanillaSo I've never thought of myself as a perfume person. I've only really loved 2 scents... ever. I know. I'm a sham! What kind of girlie girl doesn't love perfume?? I suppose I'm picky and I don't like anything too overpowering, but I tend to gravitate towards really warm smelling scents like amber, vanilla, etc. Smells that can easily be too much. Well, thanks to my love, Eden, over at Valentino I have a new fave! Valentino's Valentina Assoluto is straight up sexy! There's some fresh jasmine, a lil' vanilla, a touch of tuberose, and a hint of something woodsy that really brings it home for me. I really do feel like I walk with a little more swagger when I wear it and bonus, the bottle is un-freaking-believable! It makes my dresser look so fancy! You fancy, huh!? Yep, I sure as heck am. perfume-valentino-valentina-scent-vanillaAnd come on, who doesn't want an inside person at Valentino!? Call or text Eden [678.283.3783] if you are looking for something specific, want to know the upcoming trends, or even if you want her to keep you up to date with upcoming sales! She can help you with all of that!!! Seriously, she's the bomb dot com. Are people still saying that!? I say they are, so boom!