Bitches Be Cray

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I attract crazy. It’s the truth. Crazy flocks to me, I’m not sure if that’s a negative reflection on me or if that just means that I trust too easily. I’m of the mind that you are exactly yourself ALL the time and until a few years ago it didn’t cross my mind that when I made a new friend they might be hiding the bat-shit crazy under layers of cutesy normalcy. Although The Captain would tell you that there were always signs which I probably chose to ignore, but I’m so blessed with my few brilliant, wonderful life-long friends that it just never crossed my mind that a person wouldn’t be exactly what they claim to be.

The more secure I become with the person I’ve grown to be the less willing I am to keep people in my life who make me unhappy.  And if being nearly 30 has taught me anything it’s that spending time dealing with people who create drama and can’t seem to get their shit straight isn’t worth the hassle. Now, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do anything in my power to help a true friend through hard times, but when that negative energy is constantly being directed towards me and making my life miserable you gots to go... GOTS to go!! Unless it’s in the form of a catchy Britney Spears tune I don’t want your toxic crap harshing my mellow. Let me say, it’s not easy to let a friend go and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. There were tears and tons of prayer involved, but I can say without a doubt it was the correct decision.


Moving forward I’ve changed the way I approach making friends. I’m pretty much an open book, but I’ve found that I have to be more selective with the people that I choose to share my more intimate self with. That’s not snobby. I am friendly with everyone, but I’ve I learned for my own sanity to difference between being friendly and being friends.

I realize this is a super random post, but this has been a subject that’s been on my mind and I’ve heard of so many friends dealing with a similar situation that I thought I’d share my thoughts.