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So the lesson of today's blog is "try shit on" because honestly you just never know!! I've done closet cleanses where I am certain that I will hate a piece and when the client puts it on, I'm pleasantly surprised. The same happens in the store, the hanger is not a great place to get a feel for an item of clothing. You must try clothing on. I almost missed out on this dress because I assumed it would be too vulgar on a pregnant chick. Luckily, the day after I saw it in the store, I saw a super-cute super-preggs rocking it something fierce. I immediately went back and purchased it! With a surprising amount of support from my growing tatas and a super comfy loose skirt, it's basically the perfect pregnant lady get up! And bonus, it's still gonna be fabulous after bambino is born! I rock it with my favorite gladiators and some simple jewelry. Boom! Insta-Cali and the perfect boho summer look!