A Freshly Picked Review!!!

DSC_0395-(ZF-0383-30534-1-004) DSC_0391-(ZF-0383-30534-1-001) DSC_0400-(ZF-0383-30534-1-002)DSC_0392-(ZF-0383-30534-1-005)DSC_0403-(ZF-0383-30534-1-003)photos via Kelsey Erin | [moccs]c/o Freshly Picked | [note] Baby Roc was not having it ^^^

First, let me say that my normally jovial baby was NOT impressed with mommy's photo shoot. He was an angry angry elf. Not cool, Rocco, not cool. Alas, we have a grumpy model, but luckily the FP moccs are so cute it doesn't even matter! Since I have the super strange obsession with cameo these days, I couldn't resist. Let me tell you, these puppies are well worth the money!! They are made so well and with quality materials. I lalalalove the elastic to help keep your nuggets from kicking them off every chance that they get. We did a size 2 and they are a bit big, I swear I measured right, so I'm def going to have smaller sizes for our imaginary second child. I have a few pairs of larger sizes, but I could kick myself for not having any of their "crib moccs" basically a size zero for 3-5 months. I think these are the perfect baby shower gift!! I gave a pair of the gold to a friend and let me tell you, they were a hit!!! I mentioned it during our giveaway, but I just love Susan Petersen and her amazingly unique story!! This is a business that I feel good giving money to, plus, come on!?!? They are the cutest freaking moccasins on the market! Obviously, I'm a huge fan, go buy a pair or 3.