Oscars 2015: The good, the bad, & the hot damn messes.

image1So these 3 were easily my favorites. I really enjoyed the red carpet this year. I thought that there were a ton of classy and chic gowns. There were also a few misses… Nothing that was just so awful I wanted to vom, just gowns that didn't quite sit right with me… not that anyone cares what I think… what am I talking about!?!? Everyone cares what I think… I haven't slept in 5 months. Let's start with the good. My numero uno was hands down Emma Stone in Elie Saab. I mean, shut up. SHUT. UP. This was pure magic. The color, the slit, the back, the lip color, the hair, all perfection. The shoes look a bit like dyeables, but I'll let it slide because I am THAT obsessed with her gown. I thought Julianne Moore looked exquisite. I know a few folks took issue with the natural waist detailing, but I am absolutely obsessed with this custom Chanel. I mean, it's classic and she looked so beautiful. I loved the lack of accessories. And Rosamund Pike, my favorite Jane Bennett, in Givenchy, like really!? She had a baby like 2 seconds ago and this red is magnificent. She is seriously the picture of all that is sophistication. I am obsessed with her shoes… If Emma Stone was wearing these shoes in the same chartreuse as her gown… Shut the front door. My honorable mentions went to Dakota Johnson in YSL and Zana Roberts Rossi in Valentino.

badThe bad.  Now, I should start by saying these aren't really bad… I mean, they aren't my favorites and  they are fine, but something didn't quite sit well with me… I love all of these ladies and just wanted more… or less… I am so bored with Sienna Miller's dress. Like snooze fest. The bottom is interesting, but the top, the bows, the overly contoured face, and Heidi hair?!? It just fell very flat for me… And then my love, my spirit animal, Gwyneth… What the whaaaaaa!??! She's beautiful and her body is banging. Like BANGIN, but what is going on here!?! Maybe without the flower and with her hair put up… Maybe!?!? Then J.Lo. Ohhh J.Lo, ohhhhhh dear. This is not doing it for me. She is so unbelievably beautiful and I am just not a fan of this dress. It looks like she is desperately searching for her youth, but she doesn't need to search, she's found it, she's freaking Benjamin Buttoning. This just seems like way too much, put the tatas away for the love of all that's good and holy. Feel free to disagree. I also don't like the lipstick. I also wasn't a huge fan of Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston, BOR-ingggggg.

messThe hot damn messes. Ah-gain, these aren't really the MOST awful gowns we've ever seen, but they are certainly not the best looks… Not by a long shot. I get about a million texts from friends on Oscar night and my favorite goes to my ginger bestie, Em, with, "Nicole Kidman's dress made me wanna vom. Not pretty." I have to agree. I love Nic, but damn this is weird. The iridescent sequins, the strange hemline, the awful red? orange? belt… Nope, not working. AT ALL. I'm glad to see her face a little less frozen, but damn, this is not good. Moving on to Marion, she's French so I suppose she's allowed to wear whatevs the heck she wants, but this Dior is just so weird… I know that fashion people think this is so chic, blah blah blah, nope. Now that I have a child I can only think of one thing "diaper butt." It's like, let's think of a way to make a beautiful lady look like she's wearing a strange back diaper with a black band right under her poop shoot… Nah. I'll pass. Then there's Lady Gaga… What can you say!? It's almost not even right to critique her because she's truly from another planet. This dress isn't awful. In fact, while a touch cray, it's kind of cool and avant-garde, but dear Lord leave it to Gaga to ruin that with Uuuu-gly gloves and a strange hair piece. I really enjoyed her completely over the top performance and thought her hair and makeup were stunning. Definitely something you don't hear much about her… way to ruin a good thing by trying too hard to be wacky.

That's my quick breakdown, definitely riddled with grammar and spelling errors. C'est la Vie. Who was your favorite? Who was your least favorite!? Do you agree with my choices!? Lemme know!!!!

*All pics via PopSugar*

The good, the bad, and the hot damn mess

So don't get too excited. Not only did I forget that the GGs were even on, I have not the time or energy to do a full blown critique session. I have decided to bring back a lite version of my classic The good, the bad, and the hot damn mess. You can see me in my glory days back on the old site. I think it's still up and running, honestly, I have no idea [insert deep sigh here]. On top of everything, I've gone completely soft in my old age and can't quite bring myself to openly mock people... okay, that last part is a lie, but still I've limited myself this year. Try not to pee yourself with excitement folks. The GoodSienna-MillerBest look of the night. Hands. Down. Sienna Miller in Miu Miu wins all the awards. I am in awe of her, I want to grow up to be her. This is head to toe glamour. Love her relaxed styling. Love. Love. Love. Diane-KrugerAhhhhh Diane. My angel of light. This dress by Emilia Wickstead is just pure ice princess glam [Thanks Rapha]. I love everything this lady touches, included one Pacey Whiter. HEY-OHHHHH. Dakota-JohnsonSay what you will about the casting of Miss. Ana Steele, but this Chanel stunner is absolutely marvelous on Dakota Johnson. Like come on, hello hot stuff. I love it.Emma-StoneIt's hard to beat Emma Stone in this Lanvin jumpsuit. Like she is just so epically cool. Plus her hair is to die for... I'm seriously wanting a cut now...

The BadKatherine-HeiglWell look at Katherine Heigl working hard to be relevant again. AHEM. Maybe you should be nicer to the people who have helped make you famous. This is not a great look and she did NOT look comfortable in the gown... And on top of errything her hair and makeup don't look finished. Rosamund-PikeOh Jane Bennet Amy Dunne Rosamund Pike this is just so unfortunate in just so many ways... I can't even... I like her so much... I just can't. Kerry-WashingtonI honest to God don't know where to begin with this... I'm just confused on every level. Kerry Washington is beyond gorgeous. Is there a story behind this look that will help me understand!? Help me understand!?!?

The Hot Damn MessesLaura-PreponWhy must we always have an Elvira moment!? Does no one ever learn!? Laura Prepon definitely hasn't and while I detest her hair color I understand it's for her job, but come on, that doesn't mean she has to go full blown American Horror Story on us. Better luck next time Donna. Zosia-MametI've been told I need to watch Girls. Just not the second or third season... So basically season one. So basically it's good for 10 episodes. I'll pass. Give me more time to watch Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars like the adult that I am. Zosia Mamet is on Girls. Her dad is David Mamet. Zosia Mamet is famous because her father is David Mamet. Am I right!? No sarcasm. I seriously want to know? Regardless, this is the worst outfit ever and I feel like she was going for Grace Kelly and ended up closer to Doris Day... I can't tell if it's serious or "I'm a theatre actor" ironic... I don't think I care. Amanda-PeetI'm told this is Amanda Peet... Beautiful, stunning Amanda Peet... I don't know what to say, but I know that this makes me sad on the inside...

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