Women Who Rock

e photo1Today I am just over the moon because I LOVE December's woman who rocks!!!! Estela from Weekly Bite is a genius dietician, successful blogger, fabulous mommy, and I'm so delighted to call her my friend. She effortlessly (or so it seems) balances kiddos, work, and life while always keeping a balanced diet with an emphasis on healthy whole foods and moderation! She is the real deal when it comes to expert nutrition advice, plus she's a total babe! Hope you enjoy her interview! Hey superwoman, how do you balance work, kids, husband, exercise and stay sane? Balance is something I work at every day (some days are way easier then others). What keeps me sane is exercise. I make it a priority to schedule exercise somewhere in my day, whether it be running, yoga, or an exercise DVD. If I can't find "me" time to exercise, I load the kids up in the jogging stroller (which is often) and pound my stress away on the pavement.

As for work, since I work from home I feel like I am working all day. Having two kids makes it a little challenging, but now that they are in school I am able to focus more on work before their pick-up time. When it comes to making time for my husband, I make it a personal rule to shut off the computer at 8pm. Since the kid's are in bed by that time, it gives us a chance to catch up on our day and keep that line of communication open which is super important for couples. We also try to schedule date nights every couple of weeks :)

What’s your personal food philosophy? Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied! Try to make healthy choices most of the time, but never deprive yourself of foods you love. One of the hardest things to do is tune into our bodies and listen when it tell us it needs food. Try to avoid the emotional eating rut. When we start eating consistently for reasons other than hunger (like boredom, loneliness, or stress), that's when the excess weight arrives.

Is there a common mistake you notice when people are trying to loose weight or eat healthier? Losing weight & becoming healthier is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. In order to keep weight off permanently, focusing on a healthy lifestyle change, rather than a diet is key. Take a mini assessment of your life and find little things you can change one at a time. Slow and steady should be the motto when it comes to weight loss. We can still enjoy the foods we love, but in moderation.

Is there a secret to getting kids to love healthy food? I get this question all the time from parents. There really is no secret. As parents, we serve as role models for our kids. We need to be the eater we want our kids be. As parents, it's our job to decide when and what our kids eat. It is up to the kids to decide how much they will eat. The key is to never give up. It can take up to five introductions of a food before the child actually tastes it. I never force my kids to eat everything on their plate. I do encourage them to taste it, and I always make sure to have at least one food on their plate I know they like. We also do a lot of "tummy talk" when we are eating. It's a way of getting kids to learn about listen to their hunger (tummy) cues.

Spill it, what’s your fave junk food?  This is embarrassing, but I'm going to have to say 'Flaming Hot Cheetos'. I know they are super unhealthy (some might even say they're gross), but I think they are yummy! I don't eat them often, but if they are around I enjoy them in moderation :)

Bitches Be Cray

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I attract crazy. It’s the truth. Crazy flocks to me, I’m not sure if that’s a negative reflection on me or if that just means that I trust too easily. I’m of the mind that you are exactly yourself ALL the time and until a few years ago it didn’t cross my mind that when I made a new friend they might be hiding the bat-shit crazy under layers of cutesy normalcy. Although The Captain would tell you that there were always signs which I probably chose to ignore, but I’m so blessed with my few brilliant, wonderful life-long friends that it just never crossed my mind that a person wouldn’t be exactly what they claim to be.

The more secure I become with the person I’ve grown to be the less willing I am to keep people in my life who make me unhappy.  And if being nearly 30 has taught me anything it’s that spending time dealing with people who create drama and can’t seem to get their shit straight isn’t worth the hassle. Now, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do anything in my power to help a true friend through hard times, but when that negative energy is constantly being directed towards me and making my life miserable you gots to go... GOTS to go!! Unless it’s in the form of a catchy Britney Spears tune I don’t want your toxic crap harshing my mellow. Let me say, it’s not easy to let a friend go and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. There were tears and tons of prayer involved, but I can say without a doubt it was the correct decision.


Moving forward I’ve changed the way I approach making friends. I’m pretty much an open book, but I’ve found that I have to be more selective with the people that I choose to share my more intimate self with. That’s not snobby. I am friendly with everyone, but I’ve I learned for my own sanity to difference between being friendly and being friends.

I realize this is a super random post, but this has been a subject that’s been on my mind and I’ve heard of so many friends dealing with a similar situation that I thought I’d share my thoughts.