Flower Power

diy-flower crown-coachella- hippie -boho- bohemianphoto courtesy of Tatum Kathleen

A flower crown is a must for any hippie in training! Just ask Pinterest!! Despite my lack of crafting skills I was able to, with the help from a friend, create an inexpensive and super cool flower crown quicker than you can say hippie-dippy-trippy-coachella-petchuli stink. Swearsies

diy-flower crown-coachella- hippie -boho- bohemian[We started by wrapping 2 pieces of raffia wire together to our desired circumference. No idea if that's what it's actually called, but it looks like flower wire wrapped in raffia. You can find it in the silk flower section]

diy-flower crown-coachella- hippie -boho- bohemian[We decided make the twists closer together because it looked cool. texture = good]

diy-flower crown-coachella- hippie -boho- bohemian[We used wire cutters to keep the sharp edges from scratching.]

diy-flower crown-coachella- hippie -boho- bohemian[We choose 2 different kinds of fake flowers, a main white one and then a smaller beige flower. We took off all of the leaves and some of the white flowers and added smaller beige petals to give it a little somethin' special.]

diy-flower crown-coachella- hippie -boho- bohemian[We wrapped the flowers around our frame.]

diy-flower crown-coachella- hippie -boho- bohemian[We kept adding stems until it was full and perfectly fairy-like!]

diy-flower crown-coachella- hippie -boho- bohemian

The finished product!!! For under 10 bucks, I think it's the perfect accessory for a photo shoot, a wedding, or whatever hipster music festival you're heading to next!!! Enjoy!!!

Dancing Nancy

Boho Fashion Shoot Fashion Shoot BohoBoho Fashionphotos courtesy of Tatum Kathleen

This was one of my favorite photo shoots to date!! I felt like a desert fairy! I must really like fairies, I always seem to feel like one! This is such a good photo shoot look, but also translates really well to everyday. It's really boho bracelets, a maxi dress, and some sandals. Add flower crown and you're good to go, insta-hippie!! I have been a little obsessed with arm parties. I like my wrists to be decked out something fierce. I have collected my bracelets over time which suits my style because I can't stand anything too matchy-matchy. I love Lenny & Eva bracelets!! My sister got me hooked! You can buy them from her store and various boutiques. I love that they can be personalized and hold some sort of meaning to you! I am always on the look out for a perfect stacking bracelet and I'm in love with this one here, and this one, oh and this one... and this one too... Yes, I have a serious problem. This dress is an old Anthro purchase, probably one of my most perfect purchases to date! It's long gone from the stores, but this one is pretty major! I love this look and definitely think that it can be replicated super easily by just about anyone for a casual day look!!