Weddington Way, way awesome…

WWPerfectPair Bracelets.001Dress | Suit | Bracelets [dark blue, cuff, dainty dot]

Did you know that many, many moons ago I wrote wedding blogs for a genius wedding planner!? Yes, it’s true! My amazing wedding planner- turned brilliant photographer, Morgan Gallo, had me write, for a few years, about the in’s and out’s of weddings- fashion, etiquette, budget, etc etc. So when Weddington Way reached out to me to create a fun look using their awesome pieces I jumped at the chance!!! And with fall in the air, I am definitely being influenced by the impending cooler weather.

I was super impressed with the selection at Weddington Way, but settled on these two looks! A muted floral and a studly blue suit are the perfect way to say goodbye to summer and usher in fall!! I’m all about your bridesmaids wearing pattern! If I had a do over wedding my girls FOR SURE would be rocking pattern. Who says you have to have everyone in the same hue of pepto bismol pink!? But come on, why would you?! Don’t do that your friends... Remember, you have to look at those pictures for like, forever-ever. Patterns are unique and create wonderful interest for photos. Add an arm full of glitzy glam bracelets[I suggest each girl has a different arm party for visual interest] and seriously, you have magic. Click here to head over to WW to see their entire massive collection of stylish bridesmaids dresses!!! As for this snazzy blue suit, stop. Like, stop it. Who wouldn’t want to see their future hubs and handsome row of groomsmen in this suit? Answer. Nobody. Be sure to check out the rest of the devilishy handsome collection here! I loved my wedding, like loved it-loved it, but if I could snap my fingers and have all our guys in this suit and ladies in this dress, I definitely would! Fun. Fun. Fun.

So how do you feel about pattern on your bridesmaids!? Do you ever wish you could restyle your wedding!? Did you make your bridesmaids wear something awful!? Be honest! Comment below! Happy Big Day!!!