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Blissful pink purse - 09 DSC_0795-(ZF-0752-24041-1-006)DSC_0719-(ZF-6193-92140-1-003) - Version 2[Yes, I'm a tad obsessed with leopard] Blissful Happenings  2 - 08 DSC_0741-(ZF-6193-92140-1-011) Blissful Happenings  2 - 05[booties. get a pair. or 3] DSC_0867-(ZF-4886-48187-1-019)[loafers with flare]DSC_1290-(ZF-7445-37833-1-040) - Version 2[fun take on the classic oxford] | Photos via Kelsey Erin

[Make BH a drinking game. Drink every time you read the word comfy. You're welcome.]

I have lost all patience with uncomfortable shoes… This happened long before pregnancy and baby. I mean, after moving to Cali I pretty much shelved all of my heels. I don't know. I just think life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes. It is totally possible to be fashionable and chic and wear a comfy pair of shoes. While trainers are back in style these days, I'm currently debating between this pair, this pair, or this pair, running shoes are not your only option for comfy shoes. I love the return of these cool Van-like shoes and in leopard!?! Stop it. They are so comfy and look so hip. I have a few pairs, but I'm also lusting after more. Booties are also a serious win in my book. They look so cool and dude, you'll never guess, they are so damn comfy. I also have quite the collection of oxfords and loafers. They are making the shapes and colors so cool and feminine these days! If you are looking for something a little more girlie a chic pair of d'orsay flats may be exactly what you need! I've been lusting after this pair for ages, I think it might be time to make the leap. They are so chic and definitely have a little more panache than a pair of ballet flats.

Happy Shopping and Stay Comfy, my friends.

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Leather Leggings 3 Ways

DSC_0772-(ZF-6193-92140-1-027)DSC_0769-(ZF-6193-92140-1-026) DSC_0773-(ZF-6193-92140-1-028)DSC_0783-(ZF-6193-92140-1-033) DSC_0781-(ZF-6193-92140-1-032) DSC_0786-(ZF-6193-92140-1-035)DSC_0777-(ZF-6193-92140-1-030) DSC_0779-(ZF-6193-92140-1-031)Photos via Kelsey Erin | Worn in all 3 looks [tee] Heather by Bordeaux, similar here [leggings] Plush [sneakers] DV by Dolce Vita, similar here <only 25 bucks! [cardigan] target < on sale for 12 dollars!! [booties] Sam Edelman <comfiest booties I own! [poncho] Toms for Target [oxfords] Cole Haan [Fair Isle Sweater] JCrew, similar here <on cray sale!!

So this was meant to be posted yesterday, but the little Mister decided to have lotsa gas or a growth spurt or who the heck knows… So I sit here on my birthday tippity-typing away. I'm so tired and feeling crazy, well, old. So this post is kinda perfect for my mood. I feel like in my early 20's I would've never even thought to rock leather pants, but as a woman of advanced age I think they are the absolute perfect throw on and go piece. Easy Peasy. These faux leather materials are so comfortable and can easily go from chasing around a toddler to date night! They are no different than the plain jane leggings you already rock, they are just more of a statement! And what a killer statement indeed! The key is keeping your look super simple. Don't overwhelm yourself with accessories and trying to look like a bad ass. Wear them exactly how you would skinny jeans or leggings. They pair amazingly well with tunics, long billowy tees, comfy sweaters, etc. I think the key ingredient to making these leggings work is confidence. Seriously. I know it can be hard, especially after having a baby, so much is going on in your head and your body… trust me I get it, but sometimes you have to fake it until you make it! Even on the days where you can barely throw your hair up into a messy ponytail, see above^^ photos as proof, you can still feel good and cool and confident in your clothes! Did this post make any sense!? It's unclear... Time for a birthday nap.

If you are in the market for some faux-leather leggings I honestly think that these Plush are the best way to go, but here are a few others for your viewing pleasure.

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