Makeup Snob

UnderEye ConcealersHere's the thing. I love makeup, like love-love it. I have an addiction and despite the fact that I rarely change up my makeup routine, I buy it like I'm on the verge of running out. So because of my crazy obsession I've tried a TON of products. TONS 'O' PRODUCTS! So I thought from time to time I would share my beauty findings with you! Today I wanted to talk about under eye brighteners/concealers. I've read for years about the YSL Touche Eclat brightener. I decided to try it a few weeks ago, so I tried it out. FACT: It's awesome, like seriously the 3.5 blended beautifully with my skin, I looked awake and the product was crazy natural. I decided to hold off on purchasing the 40 dollar product to see how it sat on my skin after a few hours. FACT: It lasted for the remainder of the day and continued to look perfect! I'm a huge fan...Before shelling out that kinda dough, I decided to try the also much loved Clinique airbrush concealer. At half the price I was unsure how this would stack up to the ah-mazing YSL, but color-me-impressed!!!! It is pretty great!! The formula is just as light and spreads easily over my hella dark bags. I feel like the YSL has a more seamless finish, pretty full proof, while the Clinique product requires a little more blending with your base makeup, but at half the cost the winner is definitely the Clinique Airbrush! Make sure to pat the product in and blend well with your foundation/base and for 20 bucks you will get the same result as the magical YSL. Sidenote. Drink lotsa water and you'll notice a drastic reduction in dark circles. Also, stay away from processed foods and anything super high in sodium, eat some vitamin K and lay off the caffeine!!! Kimberly Snyder, my favorite nutritionist, has a ton to say on the matter!!! Check out her site!!