Lotsa Leopard

DSC_0030-(ZF-7445-37833-1-022)DSC_0036-(ZF-7445-37833-1-026) DSC_0028-(ZF-7445-37833-1-021) DSC_0033-(ZF-7445-37833-1-023) DSC_0035-(ZF-7445-37833-1-025)photos by Kelsey Erin Photography | [dress] BCBG [ring] Besty & Iya

As if being pregnant could stop me form wearing leopard, pssssshhhhhhh! I can't help it. My love for leopard knows no bounds. This kid better like leopard too because he's gonna be forced to wear some bad ass leopard moccasins and leggings. Hipster Baby in the making. Dreams coming true. I found this dress at a BCBG outlet for 32 bucks. It is made from the most perfect stretch jersey and it's lined so the fabric never looks thin around my growing tummy. I've been able to wear this dress throughout all trimesters and for that reason it's been sorta my fave purchase thus far. Hitting 32 weeks is pretty crazy, 8 weeks until due date!!!! I mean, look at that BELLY!!!! Just so super excited!!!! Peace, Love & Leopard.

Blue Suede Shoes

Night Out Look w/ BCBG and Jessica Simpson Night Out Look w/ BCBG and Jessica Simpson Night Out Look w/ BCBG and Jessica Simpson[hat] Older than old, similar here [tank]Vickie's Secret  [skirt] BCBG from Nordies Rack [pumps] Jessica Simpson

I don't really go out-out very often. The Captain and I are pretty much homebodies. We love a nice meal out , but we rarely need to get dressed up all fancy-like because in San Diego unless you are going to a club there is no reason to dress up. You should see the crap people wear out to a nice dinner here. It's possible I'm over-dressed ALL THE TIME. I love this look. It gives me just enough sexy something while maintaining the chill vibe of SoCal. Plus, blue suede shoes!!!! Right? Am I right?! Yes, I know I'm right. Dinner time!!