sonnetjames3I never quite understood how seemingly fashionable women could have children and completely abandon their stylish past. Then I had my son and realized that it has nothing to do with style and everything to do with expectations and insecurities and sheer exhaustion. On top of all of the self-imposed worry about how to act now that you're a mom, you feel like you are expected to dress differently too. I don't know why. But all of the sudden I felt... I don't know, judged?? I felt like I had something to prove. Why?! Again, I don't know. I never cared what people thought of me, but after Mohawk was born, suddenly I was filled with doubt about every choice I made, big or small. Perhaps it's a lot of change all at once... Perhaps it's raging hormones... Perhaps it’s entirely in my head... I got my first giant tattoo and I love it. It's unique, it's moody, it's pretty, and it's filled with meaning. But literally, from the moment I got it I was seeking out photos of other moms with large, visible tattoos that still had a chic fashion sense and looked... respectable!?!? I was, and sometime still am, completely and utterly paralyzed with doubt. I fear judgement from moms. I feel like I have justify my choices, fashion or otherwise. Isn't raising the tiny human enough work?! sonnetjames1

Back to the style part. I’m not suggesting we find our worth in clothes, but I do believe that a solid wardrobe has the ability to really amp up confidence! At least, I know it does for me! So I'm starting a movement of sorts… I’m calling it the real clothes project. Cute, right!? I am trying to return to the fun loving, stylish person of my past, but I am realistic, I know things have changed and that's okay. Lately, I’ve longed more simple fashion than before I had my son... Not basic, but minimalist. I have the craziest urge to just toss 90% of my clothes because they simply aren’t me anymore... I have been doing quite a bit of research on capsule wardrobes and I’m fascinated. I’m not quite sure that I’m ready to make the jump to a 39 piece wardrobe, but I do think that I need something to help me focus my style wants. This is a work in progress, I'll report back if/when I decide to downsize!

I actually only know one person who actually utilizes Pinterest for their daily fashion inspiration, but I am going to start a board, Daily Fashion, dedicated to not just ritzy supermodels and fancy-pants bloggers, but realistic daily fashion for chic, bad ass, stylish mommies. So please follow! Send me pins of things you think I’d like! I’m hoping it will be an inspiration for all of us!! And if you are on Instagram and you changed out of sweats, share the love and #realclothesproject!!DSC_0933

photos via kelsey erin photography | [dress] Sonnet James If you have never heard of SJ, it's a brilliant company started by a mom, of course, and their play dresses are comfortable, stylish, and easy to take care of. They sell out fast, but are totally worth the $$ if you can snag one. Easy fashion, fast. [chambray] Banana, old but love this one [shoes] Converse