Pregnant, again...

DSC_0519 DSC_0617 DSC_0606[Soooooooo this post was supposed to go up today with my maternity photos that were supposed to be taken Tuesday... well, I had a baby Tuesday afternoon... Cause ya know, honey badger don't give a--- you get it. More details to follow soon!!! But for funsies, you can go ahead and read this post] Oh hi there, how ya doing!? I just sneezed and had to change my underwear, so yeah. I’m great.

I was obnoxiously vocal about how much I loved being pregnant the first go around... Like SHUT. UP. This second time, I would love to say that it has been the most fun ever, but in reality it has not been my favorite time. I’m super excited and grateful to BE pregnant and we are so thrilled for baby, but as far as “enjoying” my time being pregnant... meh, not so much. With my first, I was able to exercise throughout and rest whenever I wanted. I got achy towards the very end, but with numero dos I've been pretty uncomfortable from the start.

I had constant nausea which never manifested in throwing up, I just couldn’t eat like I needed or wanted to and had super low energy. We started our cross country move towards the beginning of the second trimester so during the time when energy was supposed to return. Yeah. Nah. Not this time. I was maybe 16-17 weeks before I got that energy back. I tried not to let that discourage me. I did my Tracy Anderson and Ballet Beautiful workouts pretty consistently. Walked almost every morning until the crotch pain. Yep that's right, crotch pain. My pelvic pain started getting out of control. My midwife informed me that due to shifting pelvic bone [yeahhhhh they aren't supposed to move, except when ya get ready to birth a baby] that I could try a number of things, but unfortunately it would probably only make it marginally better. So I couldn't really work out my lower half. Suck. Then Florida turned into a freaking sauna, so even at 7 am it's 90 degrees outside so there's no good time to walk. I miss Cali. I started seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist and that helped a TON. Well, it hasn't helped our bank account, but I've been much more comfortable.

So with all that said I thought it would be fun to do the same little BumpDate I did with Rocco last time as the end drew near!!

[How many weeks?] 39 weeks tomorrow. I was in labor with Rocco at this point, as he was 10 days early, but ready to go into overtime with this guy.

DSC_0601 DSC_0624[Gender?] Boy

[Name?] Felix

[Weight Gain?] More than last time, but still within the “healthy suggested amount.” I feel huge and am very much looking forward to getting my post-baby fitness on. I would actually love to know your favorite work outs to get your sexy back!! Please comment with details.

[What foods have you been craving?] This time around my wants have been pretty basic. Veggie dogs with coleslaw and mustard. LOTS AND LOTSA mustard. I also have been devouring Alexia frozen onion rings, cooked until they are nearly burnt. Yum. Much like last time, I crave avocado sushi rolls and veggie tempura, as it is also Rocco’s favorite meal we eat this A TON. I get uncomfortably full very fast, so I don’t get to eat as much as I would like.

[How has your sleep been?] Pretty great actually! Rocco is a solid sleeper now, so I maybe wake up once a night to go pee. The only thing that keeps me from a great night sleep is heart burn, so I’ve been avoiding spicy which seems to have to most effect on it... I drink a ton of Earth Mama Angel Baby heartburn tea with almond milk and honey!!

[How are your emotions?] I am highly emotional, but different than last time... Possibly because The Captain is home... I’m very emotional about Mohawk becoming a big brother. I’m so obsessed with that kid and I worry about still being the best Mama I can be for him whilst distracted with a new nugget. I’ve also been sensitive to all the struggles and troubles in the world. I cry thinking about all the hate... I just want my sons to be full of love for others. That makes me emotional.

[Have you been nesting?] FOR SURE. This started much, much, much later than last time. All I want to do is clean, make freezer meals, and get the house/nursery ready, but alas, I’m also so freaking tired... It’s coming along very slowly.

[What’s on my nightstand?] My Rocco + Norah social media calendars, Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Foods [I’m making black bean mushroom burgers to freeze], After You, and about 30 journals.

DSC_0597I'm so HOT! 

[What am I super over!?] It’s so funny because I said “the heat” last time, but my delicate Cali heart didn’t know the meaning of the word heat. Panhandle summer = DEATH. It’s the worst thing in the world. Like ever. But honestly, I’m more over it being too hot to take Rocco on a walk or go to the park.

[Any guesses when you will go into labor?] I’m not sure. Mohawk surprised us, but I have a feeling Felix is gonna stay true to his due date. I say a few days after his due date [August 5] or tomorrow, who knows!?

[What I’m looking forward to?] Holding my sweet boy and watching Rocco interact with his baby brother. Also, I am dying, I mean DYING, to see what he looks like.