My Styling Philosophy

blissful happenings  4 - 02I have declared 2014 the year I kick ass. I know people say that every new year, but I am one determined lady. As some of you know, I started lloStyling in 2012 and saw some growth within that, but since starting Blissful Happenings I've found that lloStyling was only the beginning. Blissful Happenings Studio is currently in the works and I'm so excited about what's to come.

During a brainstorming session, I was asked about my style philosophy and how I want that to translate into my business. After much reflection it's quite simple, I think it's important to feel good in your clothes. BOOM!! Is your mind blown?! I know there are a lot of grand notions about style and fashion that make it seem very distant, that it's only for lanky, thin model types, but not for the everyday woman. I don't buy that! Clothes are meant to be fun and a piece from Gap can be just as exciting as something designer if it fits well and is styled properly! That's where I come in!blissful happenings  4 - 12I want to inspire great style in every woman! I want the stay at home mom, the college student, and the business woman to go in their closet and love EVERY piece. I think it's common to think of a Stylist as something only rich people have, a complete luxury, but I am here to flip that idea on it's head. I want to help you rediscover the closet that you currently have! We might say farewell to a few things and I will always suggest new pieces to enhance your wardrobe, but I'm here to maximize what you already own! At the end of the day I want you to feel confident in your clothes! Confidence speaks volumes and I believe it is the key to blissful living. We are fans of bliss around these parts!

If you are need of styling services, hit up the Hire Me page above! And remember, you don't need to be in San Diego, we can do all consults over Skype! Oh the glorious internet! We are working to have a legit site in the next few months and are planning a giveaway here on the blog!! Stay tuned for awesomeness!!

blissful happenings  4 - 06photos via Kelsey Erin Photographer featuring Estela from Weekly Bite