My Must Have Preggo Products

1photos via Kelsey Erin Photography

I love products. You know this, I know this. I love them. We also know I've been on this whole non-toxic shenanigans kick. Now that I know how much crap they put in our skincare I can't go back, or at least I personally couldn't go back. I've actually decided that people that take the attitude of ignorance is bliss probably aren't best suited to be my friends… I get it, everything can kill ya, everything causes cancer blah, blah, blah… but come on, what we put in and on our bodies[our skin is our largest organ, for real] is serious. Those are my two bugaboos these days and that's not to say you have to toss everything and be scared of every product, but just start making more educated purchases. It doesn't have to be done in one day!!! And to help narrow down the selection, I have found quite the impressive list of preggo safe/people safe products that will have you saying peace out to your toxic junk. Enjoy!!!!!!

6This was given to me by a preggo bestie and now that she has her 5th kid and is still an all around major style/product maven, I gladly accepted and became instantly obsessed. It smells like heaven and melts into your skin. You can find Goe Oil online, warning, this is probably my most expensive Must Have, but damn it's so worth it!!! I use it sparingly and trust me a little goes a very long way because it's super concentrated. It's great for growing belly or makes your legs look amazing if you are wearing shorts or a skirt. It's brilliant. 7Young Living Oils… hmmmmm we are gonna have a really long talk about those really soon because I have some majorly exciting news about my pretty much non-existent acne and my favorite new tension headache remedy, that totes works, but for now I tell you about lemon oil. So long hormonal acne. Seriously. It's magic. It's made from like 300 lemons or something crazy and it's literally straight lemon oil. I slather all over my face at night and watch acne disappear. For crazy sensitive skin you should mix it with a high quality unrefined, raw coconut oil, but I apply it neat and watch my skin glow. When using this stuff you MUST use sunscreen because it will create brown spots if it's exposed to sun. But hot damn for less that 15 dollars a bottle I think I've found my miracle cure and, of course, Preggo Safe!!!! 2My belly saver, Almond Glow. As you grow your tummy gets a touch itchy now and again, even without the presence of stretch marks and this definitely prevents itchy belly. There are rumors that oiling up has nothing to do with actually preventing stretch marks, but I ain't chancing it. I slather my tummy with this oil after every shower and before bed every night. It's not super quick to absorb, so I don't apply if I'm going from shower directly out into the heat, but it is magic. My skin has never felt so soft or smelled so yummy.3I've written about The Holistic Science Co before and this cocoa butter has been amazing!!! I slather it on after my Almond Glow and just let my skin soak up the moisture. It's thick, but doesn't feel heavy when it's applied. I'm desperately low, so I will definitely be restocking soon! It's sold locally at framers markets in San Diego or via their website. The owner and her crew are seriously cool people. This is a great company to support! I use this on my tummy, ta-tas, elbows and knees! I use the Burt's Bees Richly Replenishing lotion or Honest Co Lotion on my legs and arms. When I apply lotion at night, I literally apply a thick coat all over and don't even rub it in… Sounds awful, but I wake up so moisturized that it's worth the lil bit of sticky.5 4Now my Josie Maran additions, Cleansing Oil and Infinity Oil. These were highly recommended by 2 preggo buddies. I've purchased Josie's Argan Oil before only to find my skin highly moisturized and highly broken out. When Mama of 5 told me she also couldn't use the oil but could use both of these products without a breakout I was intrigued. Then another good friend was swearing by the same products… So I went to Sephora and got a few samples and lo and behold, no breakouts. Just glowy skin!!! Who knew!?!? 10, even 5 years ago I would laugh in your face if you told me to buy oil for my acne prone skin. Now it's literally the only thing I apply to my face and body!!! I went and got a facial 2 weeks ago and my aesthetician, Ann, the queen of skincare told me my skin looked great and that this kid wasn't doing a number on me I swear my first thought was, it's all the oil!!!!

So tell me, what are your must have preggo products!!!!