My Etsy Affair

Blissful Happenings- Styling closet - 17 Blissful Happenings- Styling closet - 16photos by kelsey erin photography

So here's the deal, I'm a shopaholic. That's just the end of the story. I love to buy clothes… and purses… and shoes… and jewelry. Ahhhh jewelry. In recent years, I have really started to appreciate good jewelry and the importance of having really cool statement pieces, as well  as delicate jewels for everyday. I love having a necklace that keeps The Captain close to me, so for my birthday I requested a new necklace that would represent us to keep close to my boobs heart. I took to Etsy to see what was out there and fell in love with this bar necklace from Stephanie from Sea & Cake. Etsy is pretty much the best thing ever. I get so excited to find interesting and fresh new artists and creators!!! I am so happy with my purchase and just wanted to share it with my boos.