Let's Eat!

So it has recently been brought to my attention that A. I eat out too freakin' much and B. I am terrible at staying on a budget. Seriously, The Captain and I are trying really hard to be "savers" but damn we are so awful. It's not easy when we are surrounded by amazing and delish vegan food. San Diego has the best lil' hidden gems and note only one is an actual vegan joint, these places just have stellar food. photo 21. Mission Coffee Cup: I eat at this La Jolla hot spot at least once a week. It's a serious problem. I crave their Papas Loco, no dairy, sub corn tortillas, and add tofu on the reg. The servers and management are so super awesome and oh yeah, the coffee is pretty excellent too. They always have a delicious special up on the board and multiple veggie friendly options. Ohhh and the chai latte is so brilliant that you will never be able to order a nasty Starbucks-from-a-box-stuff ever again. I love this place!!! They do it right! They're only open for breakfast and lunch and prepare to wait for table if you are hitting it up on a weekend! It's worth the wait!  My favorite restaurant in SD.

neighborhood restaurant 2. Neighborhood: I ate here this weekend and devoured my whole black bean burger veganized, add mango sauce, and sub garlic fries before I could be bothered to remember to take a picture. Oops. This place has the coolest vibe ever. The waitstaff is all super hipsters who are crazy friendly and know their freakin' beers!! So yes, sign me up. ANYTIME. I've never taken someone here and had them not leave super happy and super full. They have a few veggie friendly burgers and salads, so vegans have a few options. On top of all the super awesome they have a super secret speak easy in the back! So hipster! Let's get this straight. They have awesome food, TONS of booze, and their logo is Jesus eating a hamburger. Yep, perfection.

photo 13. The Kebab Shop: This place is a San Diego business major success story! When we moved into the East Village, there was a solitary Kebab Shop and it was heaven. We ate there at least 2 times a week. Super inexpensive and delicious food!!! They now have 6 locations around San Diego and the food is just as brilliant. I love it!!! Omg. I daydream about my falafel döner, no garlic sauce, add spicy hummus, add french fries… Or if I'm feeling particularly frisky I'll add saffron rice like I did the last time I was there. They have the most delicious veggie kebabs, shawarma, etc etc. It's all delicious and I'm never happier than when I have a döner food baby in my tummy!

siamnara_logo4. Siam Nara: So my good ole buddy Christina from Mom. Fashion. Lifestyle. introduced me to Amarin Thai, which is brilliant, but not close enough for when we want to have a take out/redbox kinda night. Insert Siam Nara, AT's sister restaurant. It's literally the same menu, praise be to the heavens!! With the best veggie tom yum I've ever had and a garlic veggie dish that will blow your mind wide open! It's all good and they have a completely veggie menu made without fish sauce, chicken stock, and all the other hidden stuff common in Thai cuisine. It's the real deal.

IMG_5471 IMG_54725. Moncai Vegan: I'm new to this place, but I've already been twice and I have a date their this week, SO EXCITED! They have a small menu, but damn it's good. On Sunday they do a brunch from 9-2, for 13 dollars you get biscuits and gravy, tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, potatoes, fruit, and the best freakin' pancakes that exist on the planet. Seriously. The Captain, not a vegan, said after eating these pancakes, "vegan or not, this is the best pancake I've ever eaten." BOOM. I can't make this shit up! They are like heaven… in your mouth. I highly suggest this North Park spot!!!

Okay, so you're welcome!!! Now tell me, what's your fave veggie spot!?!?