Lentils Make the World go 'round

photo 1 copy 2Back in December when California was pretending to have a Winter and we actually turned the heat on, I was craving a warm bowl of something… I was cold and all I wanted to eat were Buffalo Bombers from Veggie Grill… ahhh, heaven. Veggie Grill is a vegan junk food paradise and I love it with every fiber of my being, but buffalo bombers and onion rings do not a healthy diet make. Although I really wish they did because DAMNNNN. I digress. So The Captain and I needed a dish that would warm us up, nourish us, and satisfy us enough to avoid grabbing takeout from VG. I found this recipe on good ole Pinterest from the blog In Pursuit of More. I absolutely love lentils and with the tomatoes and potatoes it's hearty and oh-so-yummy!!!! I've made it a few times and found that we like it the best when omitting the carrots, adding some cauliflower to make up for said carrots, and mixing russet and sweet potatoes. YUMMO!!! Check out the recipe here!! photo 2 copy