Keeping Up with the Blogosphere…


Last week I found the GENIUS Instagram account @YouDidNotEatThat and a brilliant little interview with their head-thinker over at The Cut. This article really hit a chord with me. I’ve been blogging for years... literally, years. My blog has always stayed relatively small and never really launched me into the blogging stratosphere, which is fine. I’ve kept up with it in varying degrees because it was a creative and honest reflection of the life I live and people a few people seem to be interested.

Now I’m not about name calling or singling out, but it seems as though the world of blogging has become more and more out of reach for the everyday person. Frankly, it’s gotten ridiculous. Posts are styled within an inch of their lives. Seriously, it's all glitter, peonies, macaroons, a YSL lipgloss and so much other shit you rarely know what product they are singling out!! Pretty!!? Absolutely. Completely and utterly unrealistic? Undoubtedly.

So this is just me reminding you that comparing your life to these bloggers and blogs is as useless as comparing yourself to a supermodel. It’s not real. They are given clothes, they spend hours making sure their food pictures look legit, and they style every photo that’s taken. It’s just important to see past the bullshit and understand that NO ONE lives like this, but it’s their job to make you think they do.

I do my absolute best to create a space that is honest and true. I wear every single outfit that I post and I purchase every piece I wear. I eat, literally, every single recipe I post! In fact, I meal plan around what recipes I want to make for the blog!! The pics of my house are actually my house. There’s no special lighting brought in, I don’t add fresh flowers to make it more blog-y... it’s just my house. So I’m not trying to say how awesome I am... well, I AM awesome, but that I really do strive to have a space that’s relatable and authentic.

Peace Out.