In Bloom


After leaving San Diego, the land of perpetual summer, I've definitely been reintroduced to the part of the country that gets cold and rainy during the winter… I'm apparently a giant wuss because anything below 60 is absolutely frigid. #bigbaby So when I started talking to the fine folks at BloomNation about keeping things bright for the Winter I was inspired to tell you what we here at Blissful Happenings do to keep things happy and Spring-y all year long!!!

oh joy1via

Color: I want BRIGHT colors. My flowers are generally a hue of hot pink, but bright yellows and oranges do the trick too!!! I think no matter what the season a pop of color is going to make you happy. It's inevitable. White and red is fine, but a lovely happy purple is sure to make you feel like Spring is just around the corner.


Fun Vases: I am not the fan of a regular glass vase!! We actually prefer beer bottles to your traditional vases at our house! We also gravitate toward unique tumblers or shapes, generally items not intended to house flowers. I feel like fun items like that encourage you to get creative with your arrangements.


Multiples: A collection of similar vases [or beer bottles] grouped together to create interest. I think it's visually interesting and almost looks like a flower field! They look so happy and fun. Not stuffy or serious. And when the weather is gloomy, happy and fun are exactly what you need!


And when it doubt, I have my favorite new vase from Oh Joy for Target reminding me, it's OK, warmer weather will be here soon!! How do you do flowers in the winter? Share your tips in the comments below!!