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Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 73 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 74Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 76 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 79 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 81photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [leggings] American Apparel [tee] Target [sweater] Old Loft, but this one is brilliant [heels] honest to God, I have NO IDEA, but these are fab, these too! [necklace] ancient Banana Republic, this one would do the trick nicely!

So what do you wear when your pants no longer fit and you live in a place that is 85 degrees and scorching one day then 60 degrees and chilly the next!?!? BOOM. I love this outfit. These leggings were brought to my attention by a distant memory of a friend, but I will forever appreciate her insisting I buy these. They are magical! Yes, they are shiny which I know makes many of you say, "well you can pull that off, but I just couldn't ever… blah, blah" Now let me explain, the sheen on these leggings catches the light perfectly and makes them epically slimming! Like straight up supermodel legs! And when the body you know is expanding at a rapid rate, feeling slim and held in is really important! I would suggest these leggings to anyone! I have the black and am debating the poppy color. For the preggos out there, one fold and they are the perfect for 1st and 2nd trimester, I'll report about the 3rd as I get there, but I think they will be perfect. You can pair them with a long tunic, blousey tank, or even a simple white boyfriend tee[my favorite]. The possibilities are endless! Pair with a chic sweater, kimono, or leather jacket and you have a super easy, super cute look preggo or not! I chose to rock heels, but this would be just as fab with flats or a pair of cool sneakers, I'm partial to this pair! Oh and bonus they are on sale for the next 2 days, in fact most everything at Piperlime is 20% off, so get on that!