Green Chef Review

FullSizeRender[The goodies. I was amazed by all the food they sent]

So I haven't been much for standing on my feet these days, more on that next week. Cooking a whole meal of food is literally torturous. Doing dishes. Ohh my lord no. So when I saw that Green Chef was offering a vegan meal plan with 4 free meals on your first order, I had to try it. So for 3 nights we had dinner for 2 for only 26 dollars. And let me tell you, definitely worth it.

FullSizeRender_2[cauliflower shawarma]

I have been tempted to try Blue Apron and the slew of other dinner kit meals, but alas, none offered vegan dinners, so when I saw Green Chef had added a vegan option, my mind was BLOWN. I ordered it 2 weeks ago and have to say I was monumentally impressed.

FullSizeRender_4[seared tempeh with potato and green bean salad and slaw with red pepper aioli. This meal was BOMB]

We received our giant box of goodies on Friday, I picked Friday because I was unsure of how “easy” cooking these fancy meals would be without a guaranteed child wrangler. Well, we have since changed our delivery day to Wednesday because I’m happy to report each meal took less than 30 minutes and each one was super easy to make. Two using one pot or less. While you have to do some chopping, having everything portioned out and all of the yummy sauces prepared is an amazing time saver. I actually had more fun making dinner than I’ve had in a long time because I’m #LAZY. Both The Captain and I were throughly impressed by each meal. The first was a cauliflower shawarma with a salad, it was delicious and took no time at all to prepare. The second, pan seared tempeh with potato salad and slaw was so so so simple and while it wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea, was both of our favorite meal! Like I want to eat it again. Now. We ate every last bit of it. The third, a mushroom tostada with black beans and a salad, was definitely the most work, but again fairly simple and also delicious. We really enjoyed all 3 meals.

FullSizeRender_5[mushroom tostadas with black beans and a cashew lime creama]


Time: All meals were 30 minutes or less.

Taste: Seriously, impressed. I mean even the prepared sauces were fresh and delicious. Every time we sat down to dinner we were like, “DAMNNNNN, THAT'S FANCY.”

Serving Size: While they claim to be 2 servings, they are large portions. I would say they are more like 3 servings, but we are fat kids, so we had no problem polishing the extra serving...

Dishes: Having all the sauces and dressings prepared really cut down on dishes, with the exception of the tostadas we only had to use one pan to cook, plus a mixing bowl or two.

Price: The price varies per plan, these prices reflect the vegan option. At 26 bucks the first week was a steal, the regular price is 80.94 for 3 organic meals for 2[3] people. Now, that’s steep, yes, but honestly we will probably do Green Chef twice a month and the reason is 3 fold. 1. It’s easy 2. We actually cooked instead of going out for sushi saving us a TON of money 3. We wasted ZERO food, something I hate and something we do quite often in our house, see reason 2.

So you have nothing to lose, I would highly suggest a trial run with Green Chef!! Click here to get started! I’d love to hear your experiences with dinner kits? Which have you liked? Did you continue to order them!?

[Note: This is in NO WAY a sponsored post, just my own hungry, humble opinion.]