Babies in Bloom

DSC_0702-(ZF-6802-38228-1-013)Calling all Mommas!!!  If you are in the market for super original, unique, and high quality baby shenanigans I have the place for you!! Babies in Bloom is an adorable boutique and so much more located up in Vista. They have an amazing selection of baby and mommy goodies and on top of that they are the only Birth Center in North County! They also offer a whole host of classes, I'm thinking of checking out a lactation class next week!! YAY!!! Fun times await!!!! Side note: I'm a HUGE fan of the tea I'm holding in the above pic, Organic Third Trimester Tea, so yummy!!!

DSC_0680-(ZF-6802-38228-1-003)[They have a stellar selection of Honest Co products, including skull diapers which are often sold out! Rocco must have them]

DSC_0684-(ZF-6802-38228-1-004)[I had to buy these camo socks… I mean I had too]

DSC_0686-(ZF-6802-38228-1-005) DSC_0687-(ZF-6802-38228-1-006)[So uncool, but I'm still getting used to this whole using my boob as a food source thing] DSC_0688-(ZF-6802-38228-1-007)[Belly Bandit. I have 2 different sizes already, if it's good enough for celebrities then I'll take it]

DSC_0689-(ZF-6802-38228-1-008) DSC_0691-(ZF-6802-38228-1-009)[Nipple balm via Honest Co, no lanolin here folks!]

DSC_0692-(ZF-6802-38228-1-010) DSC_0695-(ZF-6802-38228-1-011)[Completely overwhelmed by nursing bras, why I've decided to buy zero… More on that later]DSC_0699-(ZF-6802-38228-1-012) DSC_0703-(ZF-6802-38228-1-014)[Soooooo fluffyyyy]

DSC_0710-(ZF-6802-38228-1-016)[Baby-ators. SHUT. UP.]

DSC_0707-(ZF-6802-38228-1-015)photos via Kelsey Erin Photography